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News The Benefits of Metal Recycling

The Benefits of Metal Recycling

March 10, 2021     News

If you are an owner of metal machining workshops, kilograms of metal shavings are created every day. Carts of metal waste take up space and seem worthless. In fact, lots of metal scrap can be recycled. The recycled metal can be used for building car frames, food packagings and even containers.

metal recycling

Where do metal shavings come from?

Metal shavings are generated in the course of machining. For example, boring, lathing, milling and drilling, all create metal shavings in the process.

What types of metal shaving?

A wide variety of metals undergo manufacturing processes that produce shavings and other forms of scrap. The list of these materials includes

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Tin
  • Aluminum
  • Brass

All of these materials are recyclable. If a recycler can sort out ferrous from non-ferrous materials, that increases the value of your waste.

What is the value of your metal scrap?

Metal scrap is usually measured by weight. The total weight of the material being recycled also determines the amount of money you can get. If your company produces large quantities of shavings, you can expect a relatively large return for your efforts.

metal shredder

Depending on whether homogeneous, the non-ferrous is more expansive. The prices offered by local recycling experts depend on the material, not its origin. This means that a kilogram of metal shavings has the same value as a kilogram of any other scrap metal.

How to do metal recycling properly?

Companies that generate metal shavings may have difficulty collecting and storing these materials. This is partly because they often have sharp edges and irregular shapes. Deploying a metal shredder can untangle and size reduces metal shavings.

The video showcases a single shaft shredder processing metal shavings from CNC.

An economic benefit is not the only reward for recycling your metal shavings. It also helps protect the environment by reducing the need to produce new metal from ores. Plus, it reduces the amount of landfill space needed.



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