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News Textile and Fabric Shredder 

Textile and Fabric Shredder 

March 28, 2021     News

Fabric and textile waste are created 2 sources, one is post-consumer and the other is post-consumer. It’s not just post-consumer carpet that goes to landfill, many manufacturers produce edge waste, assembly waste and, of course, manufacturing faults can cause a volume of carpet to head for the waste garbage can. All of these varieties of carpet waste can be shredded consistently and easily with our range of Wiscon Envirotech shredding equipment and textile shredder.

Businesses and governments are looking for better alternatives for the recycling of unwanted fabric and textile scrap. Here at Wiscon Envirotech, we propose fabrics shredding instead of pyrolysis or burial.textile shredder

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Textile and Fabric Shredder

Textile and fabric waste is composed of natural and synthetic fibers, which continue to have a value once the carpet is no longer desired; they can be used in a wide range of applications from sports surfaces to insulation.

All those textile materials (derived from natural or synthetic fibers) that reach the end of the cycle, carpets and rugs, are shredded and used within the mix of materials that make up the RFD. A carpet shredder is useful in this process.

The operation can be carried out in two stages or in a single stage. A two-stage process (volume reduction with two-shaft shredders and subsequent refinement of the final material size with one shaft shredders) will ensure higher production and energy savings (in proportion) whereas, if processed directly with one and two shaft shredders, the production rate will be lower and energy consumption could be relatively higher.


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