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PVC Recycling System
System Solutions PVC Recycling System

PVC Plastic Recycling System


Hard and soft PVC/uPVC

Window profiles
Cable coats
Car parts


Hourly output: 200-2000kg

Power consumption: 10-200kWh

Moisture rate: <1%

Output flake: 8-12mm, free of dirt

Number of operators: 2

PVC (polyvinyl chrloride) is strong and lightweight, which is self-explanary that it is commonly used in construction and piping and cable industry. A PVC recycling system can downsize all forms of PVC scrap and turn them into recyclables.

One of the biggest PVC waste is profiles from buildings, pipes from water pipelines and insulation jacket from cables. Applicable user for this recycling machine would be manufacturers of pipes, cable, car parts and home decoration.

PVC recycling system

An industrial shredder

From Size Reduction to Washing

PVC waste comes in various sizes and forms, so the primary step is to downsize them into proper size. By using Wiscon shredder or granulator, in-house recycling is achieved. Two-step recycling represents shredder and granulator work together. Single shaft shredder produces 40-60mm particles, next plastic granulator crushes to 8-12mm flakes.

One-step recycling depends on a high purity of materials. In short, one granulator can easily deal with clean and sorted PVC waste.

If scrap plastic is dirty, a PVC recycling system can extend to a washing line. This extension takes care of mixture of plastics and of contamination such as grease and labels. Going through a series of sorting machines and friction washers, you can obtain refined PVC regrinds.

PVC shredder

Shredding PVC window slides


PVC recycling system produces 12mm dried and puried flakes, which is able to mix with PVC resin for all kinds of plastic processing. Start to reuse your PVC waste by running a PVC recycling machine.

PVC recycling plant

A PVC washing line

PVC washing line Workflow

Shredder – Friction Washer – Crusher – Centrifugal Dryer – Air Classifier – Collection Bin

Before and After

Once a PVC Recycling System is finished, Wiscon tests it with similar materials to show capability and output. Seeing is believing, so you are greatly welcome to present and witness with us on site. If you cannot make in person, detailed videos and numerous photos will be prepared for you to exam.

HDPE Drum, After Washing System

HDPE Milk Jug, After Washing System

HDPE Container, After Washing System

Wheelie Bin, After Washing System

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