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News Sunglasses Granulator for Recycling

Sunglasses Granulator for Recycling

May 17, 2022     News

The lens of sunglasses is made of CA (Cellulose acetate). This is an essential ingredient with excellent clarity and no odour by thermoforming. For manufacturers of sunglass lenses and CA film, recycling cellulose acetate is easy by a sunglasses granulator (Cellulose acetate granulator).

Sunglasses Granulator

Cellulose acetate recycling machine

The sunglasses granulators can be used specifically for any polymer processing application. When granulating thick-walled products, such as sunglass lenses and frames, a high productivity will be achieved without preliminary shredding.

Pre-adjustable blade jig. V-cut technology, heavy-duty external bearings, bespoke lip (3rd stator blade) ensure multiple cuts at each turn.

Powerful CS series granulators with rotor diameters from 40 cm to 56 cm can be equipped with rotors from 60 cm to 100 cm wide. CL series heavy-duty granulators can extend the rotor from 80cm to 160cm.

The hopper, together with the upper part of the body, can be lifted with a hydraulic jack for maintenance and cleaning of the rotor. The screen cradle is actuated by the same hydraulic jack.

5-row rotor in welded steel construction with V-shaped rotor blades (5 x 2) to create an X-shaped cutting motion. The rotor is driven by V-belts and a massive pulley for added inertia. Bearings installed in outer steel housing, which is good for heat dissipation.

Cellulose acetate granulator

Granulator crushing chamber

Stand for preliminary adjustment of rotary knives. Supplied with a Cellulose acetate granulator for quick blade adjustment outside the machine. Reduces downtime when changing knives.

Crushing chamber is fully welded steel construction, three (2+1) double-sided stator knives with two cutting edges, repeated sharpening and adjustment of stator knives is possible, stator knives are mounted on the body, the sieve can be changed and installed without additional tools.

The sunglasses granulator sieve is mounted on a movable holder and lowered by means of a lever through an inspection hole in the lower part of the body. Welded profile design on anti-vibration rubber-metal feet that absorb vibration and reduce noise.

Motor. Three-phase AC motor. Degree of protection IP-54. Voltage 220V-600V, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase, 1500 rpm, with heavy duty bearings.

Security device. 2 built-in limit switches preventing access to the inside of the machine until the rotor stops completely. Control Panel. All electrical components are built into a steel cabinet. Automatic star-delta starter, start buttons with indicator lights, main switch with interlock and all fuses.

Wiscontech granulator and plastic grinder are a solution for recycling sunglasses lenses and frames. We help you reclaim your CA (Cellulose acetate) materials by offering Cellulose acetate granulator



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