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News Stationary Shredder

Stationary Shredder

June 1, 2023     News

A Stationary Shredder are installed in a specific area or facility, often connected to a conveyor system or other material handling equipment to facilitate the feeding of materials into the shredder. They are usually powered by electric motors and equipped with rotating blades or hammers to shred various materials, such as plastics, wood, metal, tires, and more.

Based on your requirements, Wiscon designes and manufactures one-shaft or two-shaft stationary shredder with a vertical cram (as an option).  Besides, the machine is very robust and fully satisfies the customer’s needs in terms of capacity and output size.

Stationary Shredder

Stationary Two shaft shredder 

The resulting crushed material from the shredding process can be utilized as an alternative fuel source (RDF or SRF). By undergoing further processing, or simply reducing waste volume for more economical and environmentally friendly transportation, thus avoiding the unnecessary transport of empty space.

Stationary Single-shaft Shredder

The shredders can be either single-shaft or double-shaft. Though the functionality of shredding is the same, a single-shaft version performs better in output size controls. The output size is defined by the screen. Additionally, these shredders come equipped with an automatic control system that minimizes the need for constant operator attention. The control system actively monitors and manages overloads, auto-reverse, and records operational hours.

Stationary single-shaft shredder

Stationary shredder

Stationary Double-shaft Shredder

Two-shaft shredders are specifically designed for applications that demand a longer lifespan, increased power and reliability, and reduced maintenance. These applications include incinerators, kilns, waste sorting facilities, plastic recycling lines, processing of passenger car and lorry tires, disposal of disused barrels, railroad sleepers, and used car oil filters, among others.

Stationary double shaft shredder

Double Shaft Crusher

To cater to specific requirements, the shredding rotor segments of these shredders can be equipped with replaceable blades. This feature not only makes maintenance more cost-effective and efficient but also helps conserve expensive materials by eliminating the need for complete spare parts replacement. The blades can be easily replaced without disassembling the machine.

Intro of Wiscon

Wiscon Envirotech Inc. is a subsidiary of the Wensui Group, located in Guangzhou, China.

The main products include various types of crushing and shredding equipment, sorting equipment, cleaning equipment, etc. Additionally, we provide comprehensive system solutions, such as recycling of waste plastics, disposal of waste appliances and automobiles, treatment of waste lithium batteries, pre-treatment of refuse-derived fuels (RDF/SDF/SRF), and industrial solid waste resource utilization.

Our company has a team of skilled engineers and an efficient after-sales service team, capable of providing customers with one-stop environmental solutions. We fulfill customer needs comprehensively, from scheme design, equipment selection, on-site installation, and commissioning to after-sales service. We aim to provide customers with more efficient and reliable environmental equipment and services. Moreover, we actively promote the sustainable development of the environmental field and contribute to achieving a harmonious and sustainable future between humans and nature.



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