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SRF Shredder

February 11, 2022     News

The SRF shredder (SRF crusher) has been designed specifically for the size reduction of industrial, commercial and municipal solid waste for production of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) and in other solid waste recycling applications.

Fuel Type Lower heating value (kJ/kg) LHV (Kcal/kg) Max Moisture (%)
MSW 5,000 – 10,000 1,200 – 2,400 60%
RDF from MSW/Old landfill 6,600 – 10,000 1,600 – 2,600 55
RDF type 2 & 3 6,600 – 12,500 1,600 – 3,000 50
RDF from Industrial Waste 12,000 – 20,900 3,000 – 5,000 40
SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) 16,700 – 25,000 4,000 – 6,000 25


What is SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel)?

Solid waste refers to solid and semi-solid waste materials generated by human production, consumption, living and other activities (overseas definitions are broader, with waste from animal activities also falling into this category), commonly referred to as ‘rubbish’. The solid waste that covers in artcle is pre-sorted, dry and non-hazardous.

Wiscon Envirotech offers solid waste management that transform general industrial solid waste intohigh quality SRF/RDF. In other words, Wiscon enables the conversion of waste to energy as an alternative fuel.

Thanks to SRF processing line, the use of SRF/RDF as an alternative to fossil fuels can reduce CO2 emissions and benefit from CO2 emission credit trading activities, as the CO2 emissions of SRF/RDF are much lower than those of fossil fuels; on the other hand, various kilns can co-dispose of SRF/RDF with the simple addition of a feeding device, while benefiting from policy subsidies and environmental protection.

How to produce SRF?

SRF Shredder

SRF crusher in the US

The waste is directly fed to the shredding chamber of SRF shredder, which is a massive single shaft shredder. The rotor rotates and downsize materials between rotary and counter blades. When the particles smaller than screen opening, the particles exit and enter briquetting machine to further reduce size. This is a simple version of how SRF briquette cubes are formed.

Wiscon SRF shredder is available with rotor diameter ranging from Ø400mm to Ø800mm and rotor lengths ranging from 1500mm to 3000mm. The patented W rotor cutting configurations and hexagon screen aim to maximize reliablity and throughput.

The hydraulic-actuated access door grants an easy service and easy removal of tramp materials.

Application of SRF Shredder

  • Presorted Municipal solid waste of domestic and industrial origin.
  • Plastic materials (PET, PE, PP, ABS, etc.).
  • Paper and cardboard.
  • Tires/used tires.
  • Solid fuel derived from waste (RDF/SRF).
  • Drums, containers, pallets, furniture, mattresses, etc.
SRF Crusher

SRF Recycling Machine

Solid Recovered Fuel Shredding

Solid Recovered Fuel shredder processes industrial waste and production waste. The capacity is around 1-10ton/hr, and the final products are in a ready state for pelletizer/briquetting machine.

There are multiple factors that affect RDF, often including:

  • Particle size (diameter in 2D),
  • Net calorific value (MJ/kg),
  • Chlorine content (w%),
  • Sulfur content (w%),
  • Fluorine content (w%),
  • Ash content (w%),
  • Moisture content (w%),
  • Biogenic carbon content (%),
  • Density (kg/m3),
  • Heavy metal content limits (mg/kg, e.g. As\Pb\Sb\Cd\Cr\Co\Cu\Zn\Ni\Hg\Tl\V\Sn\Mn)

As a conclusion, the SRF matters in 3 aspects.

  • Well defined calorific value (higher the better)
  • Low chlorine content with controlled composition (few impurities)
  • Defined grain size (smaller the better)

SRF Project at a Glance

This is a SRF processing plant opearting in Hong Kong, and it shows an overall production of Solid Recovered Fuel. 5 ton/hr is equivalent to 100 ton/day. This setup meets a small-to-medium scale of RDF/SRF recycling plant.

We offer multiple stages of Solid Recovered Fuel Shredding so the SRF production is smooth and reliable, based on your project requirement and waste. From sorting, shredding and briquetting, Wiscon Envirotech is your best supplier of SRF processing plant.

Solid Recuperated Fuel Shredder

SRF Shredder




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