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News Sponge Shredder Machine

Sponge Shredder Machine

July 8, 2021     News

Sponge shredder can process two kinds of sponges we use: polyurethane sponges and cellulose sponges. Polyurethane(PU) sponges are not biodegradable and are made of plastics. Cellulose sponges, on the other hand, are organic substances in the ocean.  PU sponges will provide more support comparing to cellulose sponges.

Due to the unique properties of foam and sponges, they are both are ideal using as fillings and support. For example, they are used for the production of recycled foam for furniture, mattress, animal bedding, pillow, insoles, sports padding, carpet padding and carpet underlay. For another example, sponges and foam for pillow fillings, cushion fillings, and toy fillings. Also, sponges are a good thermal insulation material, therefore, they are widely applicable to the auto industry.

Mostly, sponges and foam can be used in the above applications shredding. A reliable sponge shredder is important to turn sponges into smaller sizes.

Sponges Shredder Video

Sponge Crusher Features

A single shaft shredder is an ideal shredding machine that firstly cuts the voluminous sponges into pieces. After that, based on the final applications, the particles can go through a granulator(crusher) to further size reduce to 12mm by 12mm.

Our sponge shredder equips a strong motor and power transmission system. It delivers high torque to the rotor to shear a whole bale of sponge/foam directly. No need to do pre-shredding or manually debaling.

sponge shredding

This large shredder machine has the flexibility of customization for your exact needs. Wiscon Envirotech can design bespoke cutters and push ram.

Its robust one shafted shredding system delivers slow speed and high torque to precondition, shred, or debale for a wide range of industries including plastic processing and foam and sponge recycling.

It is worth mentioning our granulator is a high-speed machine, unlike industrial shredders. Granulator’s rotor runs at 520 RPM whereas shredder’s runs at 10-50RPM.



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