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News Solid Waste Management 101

Solid Waste Management 101

November 18, 2020     News

Solid Waste Management is an ideal solution to most of trash generated, otherwise untreated and mismanaged solid waste goes to landfills, which are an engineered system designed for safe, environmentally sound long-term waste disposal. In terms of building a circular economy and reducing the negative impacts of solid waste, the government and recycling sector are finding ways to recycle parts of the solid waste as much as possible.

How does solid waste management work?

Conveying –  Conveyor belts, lifters and pneumatic convey are common means of transporting materials. Flat and concave are built with a modular structure. They can be assembled easily according to the requirements and be modified later to be adapted to new situations. Even in the case of confined spaces conveyors can be assembled on-site in areas of difficult accessibility. With conveyors, materials can be sent from one place to another, so a solid waste recycling system can process the material stream.

Sorting – Wiscon offers solutions starting from basic systems for manual or mechanical and more complex systems like metal removal, metal detector and visual recognition. This is an important step to kick out unwanted items in the early stage.

Shredding(Size Reduction) – Industrial shredding machines are designed for intensive use. They are made with very high-quality components: from special alloy steel hardened blades, up to the grids with anti-wear treatments. The configurations of shredders vary in the power of the motors, which are dimensioned according to the materials to be shredded, for type and extent of cutting edges, for weight and dimensions. Due to the special shredding machines, Wiscon solid waste management features high hourly production, grind easily bundled material of great thickness and volume, and materials such as paper, newspapers, books, telephone books, electronic waste, wood waste, plastic waste and metal waste.

Other Treatment includes cold washing, hot washing, intensive washing, dewatering, label removal, etc. All these extra steps are to get rid of contaminants and unwanted materials.

solid waste management machine

Where does the end-product go?

The end-products namely range from clean plastic to wood chips. They are usually value-added because the contaminants are removed or the volume is reduced. Some of the products like glass and paper, the former can be melted to make new glass bottles, and the latter can be used for kraft paper. Most of the shredded particles and unwanted materials become RDF(refuse-derived fuel). In a waste-to-energy facility, through the use of extremely high-temperature combustion, trash is converted into clean, renewable energy.

Quality and efficiency are Wiscon Envirotech‘s goal and our main competitive factors are the foundation of our prestigious commercial results. Our statement on the Solid Waste treatment is proven both nationally and internationally.



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