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News Slow Speed Shredder

Slow Speed Shredder

May 10, 2021     News

The slow-speed shredder (DS and DL series) provides excellent output of  30 ton/hr and offers operators the lowest operating and maintenance costs of any shredder on the market. It can be supplied with up to 3 different chamber configurations. This makes the shredder ideally suited for a wide range of application products, including wood waste, medical waste, household waste and construction waste.

The slow-speed shredding system can be additionally equipped with separating and conveying technology, customized hoppers and underframes as well as control extensions. Wiscon Envirotech offer you a complete solution under one roof!

Slow speed crusher

Applications of Slow Speed Shredder

  • All plastics (including wind turbine blades)
  • All types of wood (railroad sleepers, pallets)
  • Construction waste
  • Commercial and industrial waste
  • Household waste
  • Green waste (including grass, trees, tree stumps)
  • Furniture (including mattresses, coaches and drawers)
  • Paper and cardboard (including paper rolls)
  • Household appliances

Slow speed shredder

In contrast to high-speed systems, the low speed crusher is particularly resistant to impurities. If a cutting disc encounters an interfering material, the machine stops immediately. This prevents damage to the cutting unit. In addition, the drive allows frequent reversing, which is especially needed when shredding problematic materials. The perforated screen quick-change system integrated as standard enables the screen to be changed quickly and efficiently.

Slow Speed Shredder Machine

Low-speed Shredder can be in single shaft as well. In assistance of a hyraulic pusher, a solid object can pulverized easily. The rotational speed is around 60-80RPM. The low speed ensures a high torque and consistent output, preventing jam and overload from happening.

The recommended configuration depends on your output size, capacity per hour and the way of infeeding. Please consult Wiscon Team for the best possible solution. We will provide a customized solution.

Please see more videos on our Youtube Channel, where a series of demo and testing videos are listed.

slow speed shredder machine for sale

Slow speed Single Shaft Shredder



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