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News Slow-speed Crusher

Slow-speed Crusher

January 4, 2022     News

Slow-speed crusher processing of plastic waste, wood scrap and industrial waste is a challenging work. Wiscon Envirotech provides a line of single shaft shredders and two shaft shredders that are capable of many different loads and materials.

The Single Shaft Shredder with a 75kW/100 HP motor is a powerful unit that can handle all kinds of plastic scrap, including plastic film or large extruder purgings. However, Slow-speed Crusher is also capable of electronical waste, tackling textile, carpeting, wood waste, cardboard, and a lot more.

Slow-speed Crusher

The Wiscon Single Shaft Shredder P3150 uses low speed and high torque to get ideal results. The big massive hopper allows materials to be fed by crane and conveyor in a bulk amount. The slow speed crusher chamber can contain more 1400mm by 850mm. The hydraulic pusher periodically forces materials in contact with the rotor, enhancing capacity.

In case jams or problems, the rotor automatically reverse rotates to release the conjestion. The fluid coupling protects motor from sudden jam. Encountering shock loads, a high-safety-factor gear reducer plus shock absorber can effectively reduce the such impact.

Though Slow-speed Crusher is clearly designed for durability and optimized performance, it is able to work as a turnkey solution for processing, recycling, or size reduction. Thus, this single shaft shredder can be equipped with many options and upgrades that include different controls, a larger rotor, a heavier duty drive train, and even inline granulators and other similar devices. The slow-speed single shaft shredder is meant to deliver predictable and heavy duty output. This unit is low maintenance thanks to its impressively rugged design and components. It will easily handle plastics of all kinds, but is rated for much more difficult loads.

Operation in Customer’s Site

Single Shaft Shredder

HDPE Scrap from rotomolding


Shredder followed by Granulator

Slow-speed Shredder Options

  • Works with granulators, conveyors.
  • Application-specific programming and control integration
  • Multiple rotor configurations
  • Special-purpose screens
  • Adjustable speed ram
  • Wear resistant cutting chamber
  • Bespoke design to fit your workshop

Slow-speed Crusher Features

  1. Inlet: 1. extra large capacity with view window 2. allows direct handling of bale material, 3. optional mobile inlet, convenient for crushing pipe 4. optional press device
  2. Safety: 1. emergency stop switch installed in the body and electrical box, within easy reach 2. IP54 electrical box to a certain degree of dust and water resistance 3. using the German Telemechanic limit switch
  3. Electric control: 1. Idle detection, automatic stop after a certain time idle 2. Load detection, adjust the feed speed to avoid overload 3. automatic multiple reversal to avoid material blockage 4. can have a key start-stop function 5. using Siemens PLC, Schneider electrical parts
  4. Rotor: 1. high precision independent processing, knife roller thickening design 2. 4 kinds of knife roller design optional, for hard materials, plastic film, industrial waste, electronic waste, etc. 3. optional wear-resistant coating
  5. Screen: 1. Customizable size of discharge 2. 5 screen designs available for hard materials, plastic films, etc.
  6. Rotary knife: 1. Can be changed sides for multiple use 2. Imported DC53 alloy steel, hardness up to 58HRC
  7. Fixed knife: 1. Adjustable clearance, and can be used on both sides 2. imported D2 alloy steel, hardness up to 60HRC
  8. Pusher: 1. the use of beveled design, reduce stagnant material 2. smooth and stable push material, increase the cutting efficiency of 20%
  9. Drive and transmission: 1. first-class brand motor, high efficiency and energy saving 2. speed reducer ultra-high safety factor, high torque, impact resistance 3. large models with hydraulic coupling, increase overload protection performance and starting performance 4. optional frequency conversion motor and hydraulic drive
  10. Hydraulic station: 1. hydraulic open and close screen and push box, save labor and reduce 31% maintenance time 2. using Japanese parts
  11. Bearing: 1. first-tier brand bearings, stable and durable 2. external sealing, can be broken with water, with good waterproof and dustproof
  12. Chassis: thickened body, high strength welding
  13. Way of Discharge: optional conveyor belt (default), screw conveyor or wind fed aggregate system
  14. Tested, Approved and Certified to the applicable CE safety standards.



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