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News Single Shaft Granulator

Single Shaft Granulator

January 19, 2022     News

The single shaft granulator is always your best helping hands in plastic shredding and recycling. The single-shaft technology guarantees an output from 500kg/hr up to 3000kg/hr, with an output size of from 40mm to 100mm. Reliability and a high utility value make our single shaft shredder highly cost-effective in recycling industry and even in-house recycling.

Single Shaft Granulator Cutter rotor

The rotor made of heat-treated alloy and replaceable DC53 blades delivers high chipping performance combined with energy efficiency. With our sophisticated pusher control, materials are size-reduced in the highest efficiency and shortest time.

No matter what your materials are in bale, roll, plate or lump form, our special hopper can fit in.

No matter your materials are compressed or loose, our pusher can keep them tight with the rotor. Here is a video to demonstrate how it works:

All components are laser cut, eliminating the extensive heat input that the material is otherwise exposed to with conventional welding. This results in the unrivalled accuracy of pushers and machine frames. Material therefore cannot get jammed during shredding, which could otherwise result in machine downtime.

Case Study: Single Shaft Granulator

Plastic waste shredding line

Single Shaft Granulator + Plastic Crusher + Extraction in South Africa

This a typical in-house recycling for plastic processing companies. From waste to regrinds, this system can produce 12mm flakes at 1000kg/hr. The scrap plastics enter from the hopper that is designed to reduce noise and prevent materials from flying out.

P3150, single shaft granulator, down sizes plastic lumps into 40mm particles. Later, they go through a metal detector to screen out the metals. A CS480, plastic crusher, receives the particles and immediately turn them to 12mm regrinds (plastic flakes).

In the end, the regrinds are collected by a cyclone via blower. A big bag-friendly rack facilitates worklift and manual operation.

Field of Applications:
• Injection
• Blow moulding
• Rotomoulding
• Extrusion
• Pelletizing
• Solid Waste Recycling

Single Shaft Crusher is Designed for:
• Wastes from purgings and casts
• Plastic tubes and profiles with large diameter
• Wet or dry granulation of compressed/uncompressed bottles
• Electric cables and WEEE
• Wet or dry granulation of film bale




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