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News Single Rotor Shredder

Single Rotor Shredder

January 24, 2022     News

Single Rotor Shredder is amazingly useful in many aspects. One of which is size reduction and disintegration of waste. If you need to cut up your waste wood into wood chips, then our Single Rotor Shredder is right for you. With a powerful cutting shaft each of our three sizes effortlessly cuts up all waste wood, even entire pallets.

Single Rotor Shredders are ideally suited for

  • Shredding large lumps without precutting
  • Size reduction of HDPE pipes of diameter thickness with 60mm thick and 6meter long
  • Produce bedding or shaving from scrap woods


Industrial Shredder Video

How Single Rotor Shredder Works?

There are two parts that moving in the shredder: rotor and pusher.

The rotor is welded multiple blades and blade holders. The blades on the rotors. The rotor drive system consists of motor, pulley, drive belts and gear reducer.

The rotor shaft rotates at 60 rpm. The speed is variable if we implement VSD.

The pusher moves back and forward to keep materials with the infeed materials. The pusher is controlled and power by a hydraulic station.

Single Rotor Shredder


  • Universal joint connects to gear reducer, which takes care of uneven load on ram & reduces the unnecessary wear on piston seals, rod seals, thereby increases the life of hydraulic cylinder.
  • The feed of pusher ram can be adjusted by hydraulic valve.  If the load on rotor increases, the ram stops feeding into the cutter & reverses.
  • Smart Safety – During operation, if the material is jammed in between the rotary & counter blades, the system reverses the cutter direction of rotation, there realising the jammed material
  • The bearings are Cylindrical roller & located outside the chamber so that it can keep away the dust generated during shredding process.

Single Rotor Shredder

Is it better than Granulator?

In terms of power consumption, shredder takes less power to run. Single Rotor Shredder has a lower noise. However, the shredder cannot produce small particles (<15mm) as a granulator does.

Instead of saying which is better, it is better to put both shredder and granulator in use.



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