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News Single Axis Shredder

Single Axis Shredder

May 3, 2022     News

Single Axis Shredder is characterized by a new system of rotary knives. They are very efficient in the process of recycling hard materials, while achieving high size reduction performance with limited energy consumption. Suitable for shredding various types of waste plastic materials, auto parts, as well as electrical cables, wood, paper, etc. A PLC enables Single Axis Shredder to process different types of materials with the possibility of choosing automatic processing programs.

Single Axis Shredder Highlights

  • Automatic operation with adjustable pusher speed.
  • Quick-change knives, durable and resistant to steel nails, wire, metal inclusions.
  • Built-in motor overload protection system.
  • Wear-resistant hard-alloy coating of shafts.
  • Convenient and simple control panel that does not require special operator skills.
  • Powerful rotary grinder with vertical feed.
  • Simple belt drive.
  • Belt conveyor for feeding material into or out of the shredder.
Single Rotor Shredder

One Axis Shredder

Single Axle Shredder

Single Axis Shredders Chamber

Typical Specs of P3120 Single Shaft Shredder

  • Entrance funnel, not soundproof, located on the upper side with dimensions 1500 x 1800 mm
  • Shredding chamber width 1200 mm and usable depth 850 mm
  • Robust construction, stable in constant operation
  • Rotor dimensions ø400mm
  • 58 cutting knives measuring 40 x 40 mm
  • Rotor speed 75-80 rpm
  • Hydraulic pusher: 800 mm
  • Screen diameter ø40 mm
  • Chip size 20-40 mm depending on the material
  • Electric motor 55kW (75 HP)
  • 5.5 kW hydraulic motor
  • IP54 independent and self-contained electrical control, with integrated Siemens PLC
  • Electrical control with touch screen
  • Installed power supply: 400 V 3 phases 50 Hz
  • Safety and maintenance labels in English
  • One Axis Shredder shredder complies with CE standards and all components are made in China and Europe.
Single shaft Shredder

Single Axis Shredder in a Workshop

Waste Shredder Capacity

Estimated shredder capacity:

    • with a screen ø40 mm from 500-1000 kg/h with a PC.
    • with a screen ø40 mm from 300-600 kg/h with containers (whole bottles and tubes).
    • with a screen ø40 mm from 2000- 3000 kg/h with different copper cables.

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