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September 24, 2021     News

Single Shaft Shredding System

In a waste shredding plant, different combination of shredding machines are used in waste processing and recycling applications. They can reduce various waste materials that differ in dimensions, type and composition to a uniform shape and size for more efficient processing, storage, and transportation. The shredder machines are fully customized to your requirepment.

Waste single shaft shredders are designed to process different solid waste materials. However, single shaft shredder better performs on handling homogeneous materials. Many are used in applications such as waste derived fuel (RDF) production, biomass processing, waste-to-energy (WtE) plants and in mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plants.

Waste shredding machines can reduce the size of multiple types of waste, such as bulky waste, commercial and industrial waste, municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste, biomass, wood, and packaged materials.

shredding plant for waste

Double Shaft Shredding Plant

No matter whether it is a battery, a circuit board, a solar panel, a can, an aerosol can, a mattress, turned metal parts, an aluminum profile, slag, sheet metal, a textile bale or waste paper: Wicon Envirotech has successfully recycled it. In the course of executing all these shredding projects, Wicon Envirotech has often worked in collaboration with customers to arrive at tailor-made solutions: testing the incoming waste material in our shredding machines, and then innovating or adapting its machinery to achieve the desired results.

Bulky waste shredding system

Oversize Waste Shredding Machines

Industrial Waste Shredding Machine

Scraps include industrial waste, plastic waste and biological waste can go to this designated shredding plant. There are 3 parts of the system: course shredding, fine shredding and pelletizing. The specific process goes like:

  1. Infeed hopper
  2. Shredder –  dual shaft shredder from 60 to 220 kW.
  3. Shredder – Size reduces below 40mm.
  4. Discharge Conveyor – Fully enclosed to reduce emission.
  5. Pelletizier– Briquette all waste into a small pellet that is efficient as fuel.

Using state-of-the-art technology in a Shredding plant, we accurately sort materials from any amount of waste, separating out the bulk materials with total ease. This enables quality recyclable materials to be reclaimed easily.

RDF plant

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