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News Shredder Shaft Variation

Shredder Shaft Variation

October 17, 2021     News

Shredder shaft (shredder rotor) is the core part of an industrial shredder, whose capacity, application and output size hinge on it. Industrial shredder has a wide range of applications, including size reduction, pre-treatment, disintegration or separation. Wiscon Envirotech offers single shaft shredder and two shaft shredder, both of which contain a distinct design of shredder Cutter, as shown below:

One Shaft Shredder Shaft Two Shaft Shredder Shaft

Why Shredder Shafts Matter?

The single-shaft shredder was primarily designed for shredding plastics and woods. But is also used, for example, to process paper, cardboard, ewaste and textile offcuts. The most outstanding feature of single-axis shredder is reliably high throughput, which is achieved with the help of the rotor and the back-and-forth pusher. It forces the materials into the shredder blades. The geometric shape of the rotor can effectively and constantly chipping offer waste piece of piece. We offer variation on rotor length and diameter, and number of blades to meet your specific needs.

Plastic Lump Shredding

Plastic Shredder (one-shaft)

The twin-shaft shredder has been developed for particularly heavy industrial use. These two shaft shredders are also known as cross cut and are suitable in particular for shredding metals and tires. Adding two more shaft on dual-shaft shredder makes a four-shaft shredder, which is often used in a second shredding process to further reduce the size of the granules, and particularly high throughput rates can be met. Even at low speeds and very high torque, the crushing machines are capable of shredding large and thick metals. If you need to process very bulky or awkwardly shaped metal objects, a vertical pusher will help ensure the necessary throughput.

twin shaft shredder rotor

Waste Shredder (two-shaft)

Difference between Single-shaft & Twin-shaft Shredder Machines (a recap)

1. Structure

Single shaft crusher is equipped with a single shaft with rotary blades, a hydraulically-driven pusher and a screen under the rotating shaft. The double shaft shredder is constructed with two rotary shafts, which we also call double shear shafts. Other than the optional vertical pusher, there is no hydraulically driven pusher or screen.

Shredder Blade

2.  Application

Single shaft shredding machine for sale is mainly applied for crushing homogeneous and rigid materials, such as molding purges, runners, foams, plastic pallets, rubber rolls, woods, tree branches, bones, wooden pallets, etc.

Double shaft shredding machine is for shredding small to large size, relatively light or hollow products, such as car, truck tires, films, plastic steel drums, WEEE (e.g. TV, computer scrap, fax, printer scrap), etc.

3. Operation process

With a single shaft shredding machine, once the material is fed into the hopper, the hydraulic drive plate/arm pushes the material towards the cutting shaft to ensure that the material is effectively shredded by the rotating cutting blades. The material will be repeatedly crushed until the fragments are small enough to pass through the screen mesh as output.

With a twin-shaft shredding machine, once the material is fed into the machine, the two shafts of the cutting blades engage the material and bite into it until it is completely swallowed in the discharge chamber. The shreded particles are discharged directly after cutting without passing through any screen, so the size of the shreds is quite random.

Shredder Cutter Videos

Shredder Rotors of One

Shredder Rotors of Two

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