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News Shredder Granulator Combined

Shredder Granulator Combined

February 3, 2022     News

Shredder Granulator Combined (CT series) is a size-reduction machine that brings shredding and granulation in one. The biggest great highlights of such machine are small footprint and high functionality. Integrating shredding and crushing into one compact machine is the first achieved by Wiscon Envirotech in China.

The unique design makes CT series outstanding in-house recycling minimizing costs and efforts and converting production waste/rejects into recyclables.

Shredder Granulator Combination

Shredder Granulator 2 in 1

Although it goes by other names like Sherdder Granulator Combination and Shredder graunlator two in one, the working principle is similar as shown in the following video.

Shredder Granulator Combined Video

Shredder Granulator Integrated – Your Benefits

There are three models, CT400, CT600 and CT800. The major differnce is the power and width of the shredding/crushing chamber. Simply put, a bigger model can process more at the same time and allow bigger object to enter from the infeed hopper. The upper part is a shredder and the lower part is a granulator (grinder). Just like a P series shredder, the shredder part consists of pusher and rotor, except the overall design is more compact. The lower part is a direct mimic from CS series plastic granulator.

According to different materials, there are 2 types of rotors available for the shredding part: universal rotor (for hard materials) and anti-tangle rotor (for soft materials).

The granulator part rotor is designed with open 3 sets of dynamic knives with Wiscon patented scissors and double V-arrangement cutting technology, fully meeting the needs of off-line recycling and on-line recycling.

Needless to mention, shredder-granulator combined does not acquire a belt conveyor which is needed if a shredder and a granulator are implemented.

Shredder Grinder Combined Shredder Granulator Combined Blades Shredder Granulator Combined Screen

The screen cradle is raise-open that provide an easy access to the chamber. It reduces the service time because a person can inspect and service the machine very straight-forward.

A Variation of Shredder-Grinder Combined

In the case of IBC shredding, we apply the similar design – stacking the shredder onto top of granulator. If a workshop has ceiling height of 4 meters, this will not limit the use of such shredder-granulator combination. This system is our best-selling drum/IBC recycling system in 2021.




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