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News Shredder for Recycling

Shredder for Recycling

October 29, 2021     News

Plastic shredder machine for recycling is an indispensable part of any organization’s waste management process. While Shredder for Recycling are primarily used to process materials used to produce alternative products or size reduction, their range of application extends to manufacturing, recycling, transportation, biomass production and more.

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Industrial shredders also play an important role in destroying confidential products like documents, banknotes and ewaste. Considering their range of applications, shredders come in various working principles, sizes and capacities. In order to choose a shredder that is right and cost-effective for you, you should consider the following aspects when making your decision:

1. Type of Material

Your choice of shredders depends on the amount and type of material you intend to process, as different types of shredders are designed to process a particular type of material at a fixed speed. For example, IBC totes are shredded by a double shaft shredder; tree branches are shredded with a high-speed wood chipper; plastics are processed in a plastic granulator; and cars are processed through a hammer mill.

2. Expected Shredded Condition

The size and shape of shredded particles (chips) matter. They affect not only the machines to be used in the next but also the shredder you choose. A twin-shaft shredder produces stripe-like and shaving-like end-products, while a single-shaft shredder produces uniform chips. Keeping in mind that a smaller particles takes more power to size reduce. A shredder can only get to bigger than 20mm, if you want smaller, another machine is needed.

Wood Shredder

Wood Chipper

3. Capacity

The capacity of a crusher is generally determined by calculating the amount it can process per hour. This is evaluated by comparing the physical size and density of the material, as well as the amount of material to be crushed. Determining the desired throughput level is especially crucial, as overuse of the shredder can significantly reduce its service life. Therefore, be sure to check the rated capacity of a crusher before purchasing it and make sure it also has the capacity for overcapacity.

4. Feeding type

Recycling Shredders have two types of feed, manual and automatic feed. Manually fed crushers generally have a hopper and are fed manually, unless the material is bulky and requires a forklift to manually feed the material; while automatic crushers employ a conveyor or auger to provide a constant and regular supply of materials.

5. Operational Concerns

When choosing the most suitable Shredder for Recycling, you should also consider your scale of operations as well as the operating environment. The crusher’s location, range of use and noise should also be taken into account when making the decision. This is because the amount of noise or simple practice in the air emitted from the crusher during the crushing process could pose a threat to the working environment.

Shredder for Recycling

P3120 (P Series Single Shaft Shredder)

6. Maintenance

Maintenance activities in the case of Shredder for Recycling can be quite a cumbersome process due to the scale of production they generate. Therefore, it is imperative to regularly schedule maintenance activities to ensure that the equipment is operating at its maximum capacity. Therefore, always remember to keep in mind the required maintenance frequency, the location of your organization, as well as the location of the service center to reduce any kind of loss or inconvenience due to maintenance activities.

How to Select a Right Industrial Shredder Machine



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