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Shredder Conveyor

August 3, 2022     News

Belt conveyors (conveyor for shredder) play important roles on connecting recycling machines. They in-feed materials to shredders/crushers and also collect materials. As per different materials, Wiscon designs and makes belt conveyors in PVC, PU, rubber and steel. Besides, the power, shape, length and inclined angle are customizable.

Shredder with conveyor

Shredder Conveyor

PVC Shredder Conveyor is mostly used because they are cost effective and widely adaptable. The structure is strong enough to transport big and heavy objects like IBCs, plastic lumps and PET bottles in bale. The belt length, width and height are highly customizable. Each belt is equipped with 4 portable castors, which makes relocation easy. Deliver speed is adjustable too.

A shredder conveyor covers from stream materails entering to extraction of shredded materials. Here is a video of a shredding system:

You can see all materials are collected seamlessly from the start to the end. The horizontal side fully receives the materials falling out from the heavy-duty shredder T4150.

Shredder Conveyor feeds materials to shredders, from which material also transported to crushers. We make the belt with a turn, to collect flakes properly. PU belt is used at food degree material recycling, like tobacco, medical and food degree container recycling.

When handling sharp metal or high corrosive materials, like car shells, engine oil bottles, we prefer steel conveyors–chain plate conveyor. It’s a stronger structure, wearable surfaces, and more durable.

Shredding system with conveyors

What’s more, Shredder Conveyor can be added to avoid air pollution when dust spreads in shredding, like at paper recycling, fiber glass recycling… Contact us for your own recycling line solution now!

We also offer screw conveyor and pneumatic convey. The former is applicable to plastic regrinds conveying and its advantage is low noise. The latter is noisy but it can travel a long distance. Autoloader from Wensui is a good option.



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