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Shredder Blades

January 31, 2022     News

The entire operation of the shredder machine hinges on shredder blades (knives). They are built to shred mixed waste, wood, metal or plastic. Shredder blades made of high-quality alloy steel forging, can be applied to shred a variety of scrap metals. Customers can choose the right blade according to the characteristics of material. Also, adjustment to the thickness and number of blades results in the ideal shredding particle size and yield.

shredder blades

Shredder Cutters

Customers buying shredders, in fact, should carefully understand the blades used by the manufacturer, because the price of the shredder blade can account for about 20% of the cost of the machine. The waste shredder has now become the main product of the renewable resource machinery industry. Its high power and output rate is greatly improved compared to traditional shredders, enough to be proportional to the speed of human creation of household and industrial waste.

Of course, shredder blades can process variety of raw materials. Such as: wood, tires, plastic, film, circuit boards and so on different industries of various industrial raw materials waste. Naturally, the requirements of the shredder blades are also quite important. For the requirements of hardness, but also the most important. Shredder knife, also become one of the important objects of shredder manufacturers.

twin shaft shredder blades

Shredder knives are divided into multi-shaft shredder and single-shaft shredder. Single-shaft shredder blade is square-shaped with 4 tips, whereas multi-shaft shredder blade is round with claws.

Single Shaft Shredder CUtter

The number of claws ranges from 2 to 12. The number of claws, gaps and blades to the distance between the spacer to determine the size of the material shredded down. Commonly used multi-shaft shredder blade has two-axis rotor, three-axis rotor and four-axis rotor, the material to choose good wear resistance, good toughness, high strength, strong impact resistance of steel, commonly used tool materials are 6CrW2Si, 42CrMo, SKD-11, D2, DC53, LD, Cr12MoV and other high-performance special steel, can meet the processing of various materials in the waste recycling industry, according to the customer’s We can customize tools, tool shafts and spacers according to customers’ needs.

Dual shaft shredder blades

The blades of granulator is different, and will be introduced in another article.



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