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News Shredder Adds-on and Options

Shredder Adds-on and Options

December 8, 2020     News

Other than dismantling materials, shredders are commonly used for huge or very dense parts. They can break down large items like coach and tire into smaller pieces about 2” to 4” in size. They have a wide range of materials. Shredders reduce the time and effort required to manually cut up large parts. They can be used to efficiently reduce materials before going to a plastic granulator.

Choosing a shredder is easy. The selection depends on the material to be cut as well as its size, shape, thickness and its output size and throughput. The amount of material that needs to be shredded and how the shredded material will be processed are also key considerations. Besides, there are many more alterations to a shredder than you can think of. In this article, we will go over the possible Shredder Adds-on and Options that may maximize your productivity.


Safety design is various to many shredder manufacturers. The following safety devices should not be an option. For example, the infeed hopper must be evaluated for operator safety. It should be sized to receive the largest part being shredded without requiring labor-intensive and potentially dangerous precutting. Most safety devices in today’s shredders involve electrical interlocks that prevent access to the cutting chamber until the rotor has stopped turning. The electrical system shall protect machines from overload, overheat and idling for too long. During the material jam, the rotor shall be able to counter-rotate to release the jam.


Shredder chamber

Rotor or aka knife set has 4 options:

1. Dealing with hard materials. 2. Dealing with soft materials like plastic films and paper. 3. Detachable knife for easy blade replacement.  4. General blade(standard).
The size of blade and the gap between bed knife and rotary blades are essential to shredding efficiency.


shredder screen

Wiscon offers from 20mm to 60mm, but 40mm is our standard. Also, a special screen for plastic film and made of stainless steel are available.

Screen ensures a consistent output size. Shredder Adds-on and Options are the keys to screen.

Infeed Hopper

shredder infeed hopper

Infeed hopper can be fully covered or half enclosed. This design is to prevent materials spillage or flying out from the hopper when shredding hard plastics.
A hopper connected to dust removal is customizable. Overall, the hopper should be built to withstand the biggest size and heaviest materials.


Shredder Adds-on and Options

The rotor can be directly driven by motor or indirectly driven by gear reducer. If facing material like tires and contaminated film rolls, we upgrade the motor power to increase torque.
Shredder Adds-on and Options are important to our clients because they make a shredder machine better fit to your project. We understand the need of alteration, and Wiscon tries the best to fulfill all customizable projects.



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