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News Sheet Metal Shredder

Sheet Metal Shredder

February 18, 2021     News

The Sheet Metal Shredder of Wiscon Envirotech is probably the most flexible and functional low-speed shredders on the market today. Designed with strength, durability and high serviceability, the DS and DL series can handle almost any material in any application. With a wide range of fast volume reduction and complex steel construction chambers, our shredders can be used as primary or secondary shredders at waste management companies to fuel manufacturers.

Sheet Metal Shredder

In the ever-changing recycling industry and adapting to new regulations and stringent requirements placed on MRF, existing adaptability is hugely important. Please watch video here.

Whether processing construction debris or household waste or metal shredding, we offer this all-around capability. The Sheet Metal Shredder can be customized to provide the right tonnage at the desired piece size.


Metal shredding comes with a high safety factor gearbox that ensures smooth torque delivery and long service life of gears.

Knives used are of alloy steel and use milled and multi-point tooth configurations.

The hex drive shafts are made of alloy steel and toughened.

Other features include sturdy base frame construction, easy servicing, able to work with metal separator and conveyor, low maintenance and operator safe design.

metal shredding machine

Applications of Sheet Metal Shredder

  • Other than sheet metals, a metal shredder can process cables, wires, anodes, tubings and radiators.
  • Home and office appliances, e-waste, e-scrap and lead-acid batteries.
  • Alloys like Titanium, Stainless Steel, Zirconium, Magnesium, blended and mixed alloys



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