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Shaft Shredder

October 6, 2021     News

In terms of shaft shredder, Wiscon offers one, two, three and four shaft shredder. Each comes with its features and drawbacks, and of courses each excels in its particular fields.

Shaft Shredder – Single Axis

The Wiscon Envirotech P series with its wide range of applications, can downsize many different wood materials (e.g. softwood, chipboard, as well as paper, and cardboard) and plastic scrap (e.g. non-conforming products, waste from injection molding, blow molding, rotomolding).
A special feature of this single shaft shredder is the low noise level and power requirement combined with a low rotor speed at 50 RPM.
The material fed through the infeed hopper, then go in between the rotor knives and the fixed counter-knifes. After the materials are sheared and compressed in this process, the output particle size is determined by the screen perforation.

Shaft shredder

Shaft shredder with Screen Cradle Open

The PLC control system stops the machine automatically when the hopper is empty. The uniform shredded particles produced are transported out of the machine by belt conveyor or a screw conveyor. In the case of bulky materials, an enormous reduction in volume is is achieved.

shredder machine gif

A pusher presses the material in the direction of the rotor. The pusher is acutated by a powerful hydraulic unit unit to withstand heavy loads and control the workload.

Shaft Shredder – Two Axes

The two shaft shredders are slow-running machines and ideal for shredding long and bulky and bulky parts, plastic drums, containers, WEEE and a mix of waste.
These shaft shredders generate even higher torque to size reduce, comparing to single shaft shredders. Because the output particles are irregular in size, the machine may encounter jams. To solve this problem, all motors are independently driven, and controlled a PLC program. This allows reserve rotation in the event of an overload or jamming. The large hopper and the disk knives result in a way higher throughput with low energy consumption.

Lump breaker machine

By utilizing the advantages of shaft shredding machine, we can operate the shredding machine at minimum noise, dust, and energy requirements. To view more successful projects, here view here.

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A Guide for Choosing Shredders

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