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Rubber Granulator

June 23, 2022     News

Rubber granulator (also rubber grinder) breaks down large chunks of waste rubber into smaller pieces. This process makes the rubber easier to handle and transport because it is less bulky.

Our rubber granulators reduce natural and synthetic rubber (e.g. propylene (EPDM) and ethylene (EPR)) to particles that have many applications.

Rubber Granulator

Rubber Recycling Machine

Applications of Rubber Granulator

Businesses can use rubber granulators to downsize scrap rubber into tiny pieces (around 12-20mm). Scientists, engineers and environmentalists develop systems that break down large chunks of rubber into smaller particles.

The fine rubber particles are a poweful additives to many areas:

  • Tires in auto industry
  • Shoe soles for the footwear industry
  • Gaskets for the mechanical industry
  • Filling in road paving and track and field.
  • Insulation for pipes
  • Playing field tarpaulins

The fastest way to get an answer is by contacting us directly. We will help you make the most out of your rubber granulator investment as well as provide helpful information about other products we have available for purchase.

EPDM Granulator

EPDM Shredder

How it works

The rubber granulator is a recycling machine. Simply put, it is a high-speed granulator that shears materials into pieces. The key feature of the machine is its ability to do this without overheating or deforming the material. Thanks to the water-cooling function in the rotor, the heat generated during granulation is brought out of the system.

Through our dustless rubber granulator, we offer a solution that accelerates the recycling process of waste rubber. Our solutions are designed to separate, size and homogenize soft or hard alloys, producing a final product that is ready for further processing.

The rubber granulator ranges from 18kW to 137kW whose capacity spans from 300kg/h to 3000kg/h. It achieves this through one-step size reduction, which means that regardless of the infeeding material size (bale sizes from 3m³ to 139 m³), it takes care of it.

Video of EPDM Shredder



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