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News Rockwool Recycling Machine

Rockwool Recycling Machine

November 21, 2022     News

Rockwool and mineral wool are recyclable by utilizing the correct machines and processes. As a popular building material in construction and thermal insulation, every year tons of glass mineral wools and rock mineral wools go to landfills. However, they can be recycled and used many times.

Wiscontech introduces a mechanical way to downsize the materials, rendering particles at a size of 40mm by 40mm. The overall process is quiet and air-pollution free.

Rock wool Recycling Machine

Stone wool and Mineral wool Shredder

Rockwool Shredder’s Acceptable Materials

  • Rockwool fiber
  • Rockwool cotton
  • Mineral fibre
  • Asbestos
  • Man-made mineral fibre (MMMF)
  • Man-made vitreous fiber

There is one kind of Rockwool Recycling Machine available for stone wool shredding, which is an one shaft shredder. The following video illustrates how materials are processed and transformed into uniform particles.

The shredded particles are a green ingredient for making new mineral fiber sheets. Then they become products like acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, and fire insulation.

How Rockwool Recycling Machine works

Our rockwool shredder machine can size reduce waste rock wools into pices of 80mm and smaller. This makes it easier to handle and transport, which can help save money on skip bins. More importantly, reducing the need of making new rockwool fiber. The swing arm breaks bridges and pushes the materails close to the rotor.

The Rockwool Recycling Machine is a unique machine that can be used for various types of waste, including carpets, glass fibers and geotextiles and plastic panels. For in-house recycling, it will reduce the size of your glass wool waste by 45% when compared to direct disposal. This is why it is a must-buy for your workshop.

The capacity ranges from 300kg/h to 6000kg/h. The output size meets 12mm by deploying a high-speed granulator.

During shredding stone wools, we guarantee no dust emission, as a strong dust collector can purify the air near shredding chamber and conveyors.

Wiscon Envirotech specializes in design and production of equipment for processing (shredding) of different types of waste, such as MSW (solid domestic and bulky waste), rubber, paper, plastic, amd wood. From feeding, shredding, extraction and separation, we can serve the best cost-effective solution.

Glass wool disposal

Mineral wool recycling machine

Do you want to recycle mineral wool and glass wool waste? Contact us for more information about our industrial shredder machine.



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