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News PVB Film Shredder and PVB Resin Granulator

PVB Film Shredder and PVB Resin Granulator

July 3, 2021     News

PVB Film Shredder(resin shredder) and PVB Film Granulator are 2 essential machines to reclaim your resin scrap. PVB(Polyvinyl butyral) is a resin that is highly commonly seen in the manufacturing process of car windshields, solar panels and bullet-proof vets.

PVB has distinct physical properties, for example, it is adhesive, tangible and transparent. When we come to recycle PVB films, it becomes a tricky task. A normal plastic granulator cannot process this special resin, because PVB resin melts and causes jam inside the machine. In some extreme cases, the motor is burnt.

The potential of PVB laminated glass recycling is recognized from the exponential increase in global automobile stock. In recent years, Wiscon Envirotech empowered a dozen of Chinese, American and South African companies to recycle PVB film (laminated glass).

PVB Resin Shredder Video

How PVB Recycling Works

The PVB film recycling system can handle resin scrap, resin foil, PVB resin lumps, solar panel,

It consists of 2 parts: resin shredder and resin granulator, and there is a conveyor in between(as shown below)

PVB Film shredder and resin granulator

PVB Film Shredding System

The slow-rotating and high-torque industrial shredder shears layers of PVB films and PVB resin lumps. As the shredding takes place at a low speed, no excessive heat is generated thus the plastic laminated glass does not melt. This is the highlight of the shredding machine.

PVB shredder blades

The shredded PVB particles are transported by a conveyor and to a PVB film granulator. The sharp knives of the granulator crush the PVB materials, rendering 12mm flakes. Besides, we equipment a water-cooling shaft to maintain the crushing chamber at a low temperature. All of the measures are to reduce the chance of PVB melting.

PVB crusher blades

Resin shredder(PVB film shredder) and Resin granulator(PVB sheet crusher) share a similar working principle. They both prevent creating excessive heat and discharge heat during operation. If you have a problem with recycling PVB films and resin waste, especially laminated glass, Wiscon Envirotech can offer you a turnkey solution.

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