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News Pulper Rope Shredder – Twine Shredding

Pulper Rope Shredder – Twine Shredding

July 22, 2021     News

During paper production, pulper ropes (a.k.a. pulper braids, ragger wire) are a waste product. Half of the composition is metal or plastic wires, because they are used to keep the waste paper in shape and in size. Whilst in the pulper, these contain a variety of contaminations such as plastics, metals, paper fibres, etc.

Pulper Rope Shredder Pulper Rope Shredding

How to recycle pulper ropes becomes a problem. The pulper ropes have to be disposed of as efficiently as possible. The first step is to downsize the pulper braids(Pulper Rope Shredding). The following is a video of a Pulp Rope shredder machine that downsizes pulper braids, ropes, paper rejects, ragger wire from paper production.

How Pulper Rope Recycling Works

The stream materials are fed into an industrial shredder by crane or forklift. Manually placing the pulper ropes on conveyors also work.

The rest of the work is executed by our Pulp Rope shredder machine, which is fully automated. From detecting the workload to reverse rotate to prevent jamming, the shredding machine keeps the highest efficiency of your size reduction process.

Pulper Rope Shredder Design

Pulp braids(rejects) consist of different waste, and most of it is challenging to shred. It is similar as shredding twine ropes and hemp ropes.

Pulp ropes are rigid and solid often including metals. A one shaft shredder is a good option to handle such a task. A long rotor consistently breaks down pulp ropes into pieces. The special design of the rotor and the clearance between the shredder rotor and counter blade prevents jamming. Within seconds, a chunk of ropes is ready to relocate.

pulper rope waste shredded pulper ropes

After twine shredding or pulper rope shredding, the hemp ropes and dynamic ropes got various applications. Comparing ropes made of plant fabrics, nylon ropes don’t break down easily. Recycling keeps them out of landfills and better, turn them into carpet fiber, fleece, telephones, skateboards and dog toys to name a few.

A total of 30-35 % of the pulper ropes coming from the paper production process consists of steel wires. The rest of the material when dried is a great source of RDF after shredding and metal separation.

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