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News Printed Circuit Board Shredder

Printed Circuit Board Shredder

May 8, 2021     News

Circuit Board Shredder is a primary machine to break down PBC in circuit board recycling. Worldwide, more than 40 million tons of electrical and electronic waste(WEEE) are generated every year – and the trend is increasing! Almost in each electronic device, there are at least 2 circuit boards regardless what the device is.

Recycling electronic equipment is not only worthwhile for environmental reasons but also often contains many precious metals that can be recovered in the recycling process.

Printed Circuit Board Shredder cuicuit board crusher

What is Circuit Board Shredder?

A circuit board shredder is the very first machine to size reduce circuit board. Its infeed opening should be big enough to process tons of circuit board at the same time. During shearing and crushing of 2 rotors, circuit boards are broken down into irregular pieces.

Circuit Board shredder Shredded circuit board

Circuit Board Shredding in a WEEE Recycling Line

Circuit board recycling consists of shredding and separation. For the first shredding machine, we choose the double shaft shredder. After circuit board shredding, the particles are around 60mm by 60mm. Next, the second crushing machine is a granulator, resulting in 20mm particles. Then the shredded material is collected in a mesh box and processed further. The shredded PCB will be separated by the air separator and the electrostatic separator.

The whole metal recycling system has the advantages of unique structure, large output(500kg to 2000kg/hr) and power saving. The final material is separated into 99% pure copper, 98% iron and 95% plastics.

Printed circuit board scrap is produced both in manufacturing (as production scrap) and in the professional dismantling of disused devices in which circuit boards and components are found. We offer tailor-made solutions and systems for the efficient shredding of electronic waste in your e-scrap recycling plant. We also make circuit board recycling easy and available to you.

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