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News PPSU Shredder & Granulator

PPSU Shredder & Granulator

May 20, 2023     News

PPSU shredder and PPSU granulator are a shredding machine to recycle plastic waste like PPSU, PSU and PES.

These three compounds is high-performance thermoplastics that are used in a variety of applications where high strength, toughness, and chemical resistance are required. Their chemical names

PPSU: Polyphenylsulfone.

PSU: Polysulfone.

PES: polyethersulfone.

PPSU is amorphous plastics, which means that they do not have a long-range crystalline structure. This makes them transparent and allows them to be molded into complex shapes. They are also all very strong and tough, making them ideal for applications where impact resistance is important. You can see baby milk bottles and many medical products like syringes made of PPSU.

PPSU waste can be in the forms of lumps, non-conforming products and rolls created during thermoforming.

PPSU recycling

PPSU Shredder

PPSU Shredder Video

To crush scrap PPSU, a robust single-shaft shredder rather than a high-speed plastic granulator, because a PPSU block can absorb a high impact. We make PPSU recycling into two stages. Utilizing a granulator to recycle PPSU can result in reduced machine service life and quick wear of blades.

If we choose plastic shredder, there are benefits:

  • It is more efficient. Single shaft shredders have a rotating shaft with multiple blades welded to it. This means that the PSU block is shredded more quickly and evenly than with a dual shaft shredder, which has two rotating shafts with blades attached to them.
  • Rotor blade and counter blade adopts high strength alloy
  • Extra Pusher Ram is optional for hollow and gigantic materials.
  • Auto-reverse system re-orients rotor direction when motor overload & material jam.
  • The main electrical components are CE/UL compliant
  • It is more versatile. Single shaft shredders can shred a wider variety of materials than dual shaft shredders. This is because the single rotating shaft can handle thicker and more rigid materials, such as thermal and engineering plastic.
  • It is easier to maintain. Single shaft shredders always facilitates an easy replacement of blades. At least, in Wiscon, we provide modular design and common parts are ready in stock.

PPSU Recycling

Wiscon enables you to do recycling in house. Converting PPSU into high quality regrind with Wiscon shredding systems is simpler than you think. Our complete processing systems have a proven to provide precise size control. After a shredder, then it is wise choice to follow up by plastic mill.

Thermal Plastic Recycling Technologies

Wiscontech has over 21 years’ experience designing and manufacturing world-class shredders for thermal plastics like, EVA(Ethylene-vinyl acetate), EPDM(ethylene propylene diene monomer) and EPR (ethylene). We have consistently been in the forefront of developing industrial rubber shredder and granulator.

Intro of Wiscon

Wiscon Envirotech Inc. is a subsidiary of the Wensui Group, located in Guangzhou, China.

The main products include various types of crushing and shredding equipment, sorting equipment, cleaning equipment, etc. Additionally, we provide comprehensive system solutions, such as recycling of waste plastics, disposal of waste appliances and automobiles, treatment of waste lithium batteries, pre-treatment of refuse-derived fuels (RDF/SDF/SRF), and industrial solid waste resource utilization.

Our company has a team of skilled engineers and an efficient after-sales service team, capable of providing customers with one-stop environmental solutions. We fulfill customer needs comprehensively, from scheme design, equipment selection, on-site installation, and commissioning to after-sales service. We aim to provide customers with more efficient and reliable environmental equipment and services. Moreover, we actively promote the sustainable development of the environmental field and contribute to achieving a harmonious and sustainable future between humans and nature.



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