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News Post-Industrial Recycled Plastics

Post-Industrial Recycled Plastics

July 10, 2021     News

Wastes can be generated from post-consumer and post-industrial, however, most wastes come from the industry. Waste can be found in every manufacturing facility and factory. It is impossible to eliminate post-industrial waste, however, it can be converted to post-industrial recycled material instead of going in landfills.

Post-Industrial Recycled Plastics shredder PIR shredding

What is Post-industrial Recycled Plastics

The recycling process for post-industrial waste is known as Post-Industrial Recycling or Post-Industrial Recycled (PIR). For example, post-industrial plastic is a type of post-industrial wastes that can be recycled.

Post-industrial plastic waste is formed in the process of

  • Injection molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Blow molding
  • Extruding
  • Pelletizing

In the form of

  • Purges(purgings)
  • Tops and tails
  • Flashes
  • Rejects (non-conforming products)
  • Gates, runners, sprue
Post-industrial recycled plastic

Plastic Purges

How We Recycle Post-industrial Recycled Plastics

Regardless of their forms and origins, the priority is to reclaim the most out of PIR. First of all, the big lumps of Post-industrial plastic scrap go into an industrial shredder. Either a one shaft shredder or double shaft shredder or even four shaft shredder is a good option to perform this task. However, it really depends on what kinds of materials you are handling.

For example, a single shaft shredder excels in shredding plastic lumps. A Two shaft shredder is good for IBCs like blue drums as well as mixed materials. Lastly, four shaft shredders and granulators require extra attention because both can size redyce in one step.

The shredding machine looks like below:

Particles at 40mm by 40mm go through a screen, received by a conveyor, are the ideal sizes for a plastic granulator.

We remove unwanted materials such as ferrous material by overband magnetic before stream materials go into a granulator.

Post-industrial recycled plastics

Plastic Shredding

Post-industrial plastic scrap granulator

Plastic Crushing

Next, plastic particles are further downsized to 12mm by a high-speed rotating rotor inside the granulator. It is common to collect regrind(crushed plastic particles) and remove dust by a pneumatic cyclone.

To maximize post-industrial recycled content and minimize post-industrial waste, Wiscon Envirtotech manufactures recycling machines with maximum technological advancement to operate this task smoothly and efficiently.

Plastic Shredder Machine



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