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News Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics

Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics

July 14, 2021     News

There are two types of recycled plastics: Post-Consumer recycled plastic and Post-Industrial recycled plastic. The process to recycle post-consumer waste is known as Post-consumer Recycled or Post-Consumer Recycling (PCR).

Post-consumer waste(PCW) content refers to everything that can be seen in a recycling bin. The most common post-consumer waste is generated from product packaging and plastic waste. For example, PCW material can be shipping cardboard boxes, empty plastic bottles, straws, and plastic bags. Some other examples of post-consumer recycled: plastic water bottle, milk bottle, oil can, jerrycan, plastic container, PC bottle, disposal container, cling film and food wrap.

Once such post-consumer wastes are collected, they can be recycled and converted into brand new recycled material.

Post-consumer Plastics shredder

Recycled Plastic Shredder

How to Manage Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCRP)

In order to further process post-consumer plastic scrap, we manufacture recycling machines with maximum technological advancement to operate this task smoothly and efficiently. Specifically, a bespoke scrap plastic washing line covers shredding, crushing, washing, drying, and collecting. Treatments such as metal separation and rotary screen are essential to remove unwanted materials (e.g. metals and mud) at an early stage.

As a result, highly contaminated PCRP would be downsized, intensively washed, density separated and fully dewatered and collected. The following is an example of PET Bottle Washing Line.

The Benefits of Using PCR Plastic

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Diverts from landfills
  • Reduces waste
  • Lower transportation costs
  • More cost-effective compared to using new virgin material

Wiscon Envirotech provides sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions to divert post-consumer wastes such as plastics and paper from landfills. Even though post-consumer waste often contains labels and inks which make it more difficult to recycle, we have top-notch machines such as label remover, friction washer, sink-float tank and air classifier to remove the contaminants before they get downsized and shredded.

Post-consumer recycled

Sink-float Tank for Plastic Scrap

Washing Line

Washing and Dewater Line for Plastics

To maximize post-consumer recycled waste and minimize post-consumer waste, our curated recycling solutions can be highly customized to your company’s specific needs.

post consumer recycled plastic

Plastic Film Recycling System



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