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News Plastic Washing Line: Briefing

Plastic Washing Line: Briefing

January 5, 2021     News

Customized washing lines/recycling lines for the treatment of solid plastics.

We produce and distribute complete washing lines for the treatment of plastic waste. In order to granulate the soiled plastic waste, it must first be cut, washed and possibly separated. This preliminary stage of granulation is carried out in high quality and in the required quantity by a Wiscon washing line.

What does a plastic washing Line process?

It is possible to recycle plastic waste such as the following:

films from industry, agriculture, household (post-consumer collections) as well as thin films and stretch films
PET bottles (bulk or pressed)
HDPE bottles and containers
Milk jugs, bottle racks, waste garbage cans
PVC window profiles, battery boxes

Complete plastic recycling line

Our experience and our formidable references in machine and equipment construction over the years guarantee the successful realization of individual, tailor-made recycling projects. The company Wiscon Envirotech has a high degree of integration, which results in a wide experience in engineering and machining of components and plants, as well as high product quality. This, in turn, contributes to the longevity and reliability of the delivered recycling lines.

Everything from one source means that everything from the design, engineering, machining, assembly, commissioning to after-sales service is delivered from a single source.

Example of a plant design:

Recycling line/Recycling of PET bottles

Recycling line/Recycling of bottle crates

Recycling line/Recycling of PE/PP films

Plastic Washing Line

Composition of a Washing Line

Depending on the use, material and degree of soiling, a recycling line and washing system can consist of the following components:

  • Shredder
  • Grinder (dry or wet)
  • Gutter for the separation of heavy materials
  • Metal separator
  • Friction washer (friction separator)
  • Intensive washer
  • separation tank (plunge and floating process)
  • Rotary drum
  • Spinner screw
  • Mechanical dryer
  • Mechanical step dryer
  • Thermal dryer
  • Separation of materials
  • Oscillating sieve
  • Aerocycler / Zig-zag separator / Fine particle separator
  • Miscellaneous conveyors
  • Evacuation system
  • Electrical cabinet
  • Water treatment

The washing system (consists of Plastic recycling and granulating machine) solve the problems of feeding uneven and clogged materials by installing a silo to store the crushed materials and a computer-controlled side-feed screw feeder to automatically feed the materials into the extruder. This is our highly recommended model not only for its ability to process both hard and soft plastics but also for its user-friendliness for one-man operation. In addition, it takes only two hours for operation and maintenance training.



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