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News Plastic Shredding System

Plastic Shredding System

January 7, 2022     News

Wiscon Envirotech plastic shredding system is specially designed for size reducing large plastic lumps, purgings and scrap plastics. This system is capable of handling a maximum capacity of 1 ton per hour with a final discharge size of 10mm, configured as follows

  1. Single shaft shredder (P3100) 45KW
  2. Granulator (CS480) 37KW
  3. Extraction system (fan CF4 + collecting hopper LD60


Single shaft shredder allows a large amount of plastic waste to be process at one time. Its 1000mm by 800mm infeed hopper is big enough to contain any objects. 45kW motor and robust gear reducer deliver stable power to the rotor. Number of blades tear apart the plastic waste to 40mm by 40mm particles. Followed by a plastic granulator, the particles are downsized to 10mm by the high-speed blades.

Each machine is equipped with an emergency stop device to stop the machine before an accident occurs by pressing the emergency button.
plastic shredding system
If the machine continues to run for 15 minutes in the idle state, the system will automatically stop the machine and alarm the staff.

This plastic shredding system is assembled by single shaft shredder, crusher, extraction system and multiple belt conveyors. In the face of different customer’s requirement, the Wiscon team customizes solutions. For example, the material to be processed contains metal pieces. To avoid the damage caused by small metals to the machine, a metal detector is mounted on conveyor. During operation, if metal is detected in the material, the machine will stop immediately and then be manually selected.

The electric control system is designed by the R&D team. If a machine is detected to be overloaded during operation, the electric control system will start to reduce the feeding speed from the front feeding conveyor belt, and will stop the belt conveyor if necessary to reduce the load of the subsequent machines; as the machine gradually returns to normal working condition, the electric control system will automatically resume normal feeding.

plastic shredding machine system

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