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Plastic Scrap Recycling Machine

November 23, 2020     News

In 2019, at the point when China chose to stop the imports of plastic waste, it left significant exporters of plastic waste unprepared. North American or European produces 100 kilograms of plastic consistently on a daily basis. Worldwide, just less than 14 percent of our plastic waste is being reused, due to lack of use of plastic scrap Recycling Machine.

Current plastic waste recycling machines can’t separate plastics into reusable materials. Even a recycling company recycles the local scrap, the operating cost and investment cost are much higher than shipping the plastic scrap to China. As a result, plastic waste has recently been squeezed into parcels and shipped off China, where recyclable plastic was physically picked and reused. This includes lots of recyclable PET bottles and HDPE containers.

plastic scrap flakes

Impacts of China Scrap Ban

Around 8 million tons of waste, the sum China imported in 2016, presently should be handled elsewhere like South East Asia. This could mean moving the scrap to surrounding nations, yet the untreated waste is transferred to more under-developed countries, bringing them more ecological and social damage. For unprepared countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, they tried landfilling and cremation to free themselves of their developing mass of plastic waste, implying that assets are not exclusively being squandered, but on the other hand, are contaminating air and land.

China’s approach choice ought not to imply that the “issue” of plastic waste is migrated to different nations or covered on landfill destinations. All things being equal, this second should be viewed as a trigger-highlight to create economical plastic waste administration practices and utilize plastic scrap recycling machine.

plastic scrap Recycling Machines

Examples of Plastic Scrap

PET Bottle Recycling is beneficial to everyone. The imports of plastic waste have affected the climate and individuals’ wellbeing in China. Plastic waste was often packed with hazardous materials, for example, clinical garbage, imperiling laborers in the reusing offices. On the bright side, some recyclable scraps are:

HDPE plastic bottle crusher – milk jug, milk carton, milk bottle

LDPE plastic bottle crusher – laboratory bottle, chemical bottle, medical bottle

PET plastic bottle crusher – water bottle, soda bottle, soft drink bottle

Features of Plastic Scrap Recycling Machine

Recycling of PET containers in the form of flakes or pellets
Wiscon offers the simplest yet effective washing module: pre-treatment, caustic washing and hot post-wash.

PET plastic bottle crusher excels in size reducing all plastic waste.
Decontamination module: decontamination and solid-state polymerization (SSP) to increase intrinsic viscosity (individually adjustable VI value).
Direct and energy-saving post-processing by converting the material into preforms, plastic film or pellets (optional).
Obtaining materials of different qualities, including food-grade PET according to FDA, EFSA and other certificates.
Available as a complete system or in the form of individual machines.



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