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Plastic Recycling Plant

August 10, 2023     News

In Plastic Recycling Plant, a washing line is designed to clean and dry plastic materials. It is part of a recycling process that consists of a series of recycling equipment. The machines are needed for size reduction, washing, drying, and preparing materials for recycling. Some common applications are PET bottles, HDPE containers, PP/PE plastic waste and LDPE film.

For plastic container application such as drums and IBC totes (as shown above), they can be recycled and used in the production of new plastic products. The containers get size reduced by our double-shaft shredder and granulator before washing and drying. The result is to have the HDPE granules cleaned, dried, and ready for further processing such as pelletization or extrusion. The post-consumer waste buy-in price is around $600 and the fine HDPE pellets can cost $1200+.

Single Shaft Shredder paired with Granulator

Plastic Shredding Line

Plastic Recycling Plant Process

Some typical recycling machines include shredder, granulator, metal detector, centrifugal dryer, friction washer, air classifier, and cyclone system. A washing line often includes the following stages:

  1. Size reduction: through the help from our shredders and granulators, the materials get size reduced into 12mm granule size for further processing.
  2. Feeding and transporting: conveyor belts and screw conveyors help to transport materials between the different stages.
  3. Separating and sorting: equipment such as sink-float tank, metal detector, and vibratory screen help to separate contaminants from plastic. For example, air classifier helps to separate materials based on their densities.
  4. Drying and washing: materials get washed to remove dirt, debris, labels, glue, etc. Drying the granules is also essential to remove excess moisture.
  5. Material collection: when the granules are cleaned and dried, they can be easily collected via a cyclone system to save time and labour.

All applications are different based on your requirement. The specific design varies and often depends on the conditions of the material (e.g. in bale or scattered), the desired output quality (e.g. water content and cleaness), and production throughput (in kg/hr). At Wiscon, it is important for us to understand our customer’s needs and goals. We provide tailor-made and simple solutions with our cutting-edge recycling technology.

With over 20 years of experience serving the recycling industry, our experience allows us to find the most suitable solution for different projects. Contact us to learn more.

The biggest post-consumer recycling line in China

Post-consumer Plastic Recycling Line



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