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News Plastic Panel Shredder

Plastic Panel Shredder

November 27, 2022     News

Here comes a recycling solution to size reduce plastic panels. If you are a plastic panel manufacturer, this plastic panel shredder (plsatic panel granulator) can size reduce waste plastic product right a way and produce granules directly back to your extrusion line.

This system covers edge-trims, non-conforming parts, off-cuts, and purgings from your extruder. They are the targets to be recycled and reclaimed.

The plastic panel granulator is extremely compact with small footprint, since it is constucted vertically.

Shredder granulator combination

Plastic Panel Shredder

By combining  two different size reduction machines,  the whole setup is a more durable and potent shredder that can be adjusted to the size of the input materials. As a result, operations are effective, trouble-free, and have the longest possible service lives for optimal availability.

Up to 500 kg/h of throughput is feasible, the Plastic Panel Shredder cam encounter thick and big plastic planks for 24/7. The thick-walled, multiple-ribbed machine housing, reinforced side walls, and a solid machine floor give the Plastic Panel crusher its longevity.  It operates dynamically and has a high starting and torque capacity.

How to recycle plastic sheet

Plastic panel recycling machine

See Plastic Sheet Shredder Running

The overall shredding system is comprised of a high power double-shaft shredder and a plastic grinder machine. They stack vertically, the shredder at top and the grinder at the bottom. A safety fence and stairs facilitate an easy maintanence and visual inspection.

1. Shredding Plastic Panels

5mm-thick plastic panels continuously dropped into the shredding chamber. The rotors in the chamber shear the panels section by section. Within seconds, a long panel becomes course particles around 60mm. Next, they fall into a granulator beneath the shredder. A fine grade of PP regrinds are collected in bag in the end.

This is a good solution for plastic panel producer. Alternatively, it can vary to horizontal version.

2. Shredding FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic)

Don’t get fooled by plastic reels. They are not easy to handle as they are reinforced by fiberglass. Their rigidity and hardness are 2 times stronger than normal, yet their size is not small.  As tested on single shaft shredder, the plastic reels are easy to fix and shred. They bounce inside the chamber, making double shaft shredder a better option.

The slow rotation of blades compress and tear down FRP. With unexpectedly high output and efficient working principle, the shredder-granulator combination fulfills the task.

Conclusion on Plastic Sheet Recycling

Plastic films, bottles and lumps are common in shredding equipment, however, plastic panels are not. Luckily, Wiscon produces strong and big industrial shredders that meet various requirements, taking material composition and size into consideration. Therefore, our industrial metal shredder processes a wide range of solid waste, especially on scrap plastics.

Here is one more video of glass fiber for those of you who enjoy watching satisfying shredding…



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