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News Plastic Pallet Shredder

Plastic Pallet Shredder

October 27, 2022     News

Plastic pallet shredder is a machine that crushes plastic pallets down to a fraction. Deformed or end-of-life pallets find their way in landfill, but with such machine, they are given a second life. Through a precess of size reduction and washing, plastic pallets becomes high valued regrinds/pellets.

A plastic pallet crusher is super versatile. Why? it not only processes EURO/US pallets, but also injection-molded and extruded pallets. The dimension of plastic pallet ranges from 800mm to 1500mm per side. Needless to say, the oversize shredding chamber takes care of size and form of plastic pallets.

Plastic skid shredder

Plastic pallet shredder

Applicable Types of Plastic Pallet

  • EURO pallet
  • Economical/export pallet
  • Stakable/restackable pallet
  • Light/heavy-duty plastic pallet
  • Full perimeter plastic pallet
  • Non-perimeter plastic pallet
  • Hygienic plastic pallet
  • Nestable plastic pallet
  • Special skids

Features of Plastic Pallet Shredder

With the simple turn of a key, plastic pallet crusher is ready to go! Here is a video of recycling plastic pallets from shredder, granulator to collecction.

The Plastic Pallet Shredder machine can produce over 120 pallets in one hour with infeed conveyors required. Its unique design means that one operator can load and unload pallets by hand or by forklift, saving time and labor costs.

The rotor has designed with more rotary blades to increase output. A rotary blade is made of DC53 alloy ensuring long service life. Once a tip is dull, the other tip of blade is easily rotated and installed.

The output size is typically 40mm by 40mm, which is highly uniform and no powder. The particle size is determined by the screen opening.

A plastic skid shredder and a plastic pallet shredder are primary shredding. The second stage is granulation performed by a plastic granulator to achieve particle size of 10-12mm.

The whole kit is tested and proven in the globe. Feel free to consult us with your inquiry. Wood pallets are also welcome.

The goal of the recycling of the plastic pallets, through phases of sorting, washing, shredding, and granulation, is to obtain size-controlled granules and homogeneous materials without contamination. The final particles are re-usable and re-pelletizable.

Plastic pallet crusher



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