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News Plastic Friction Washer

Plastic Friction Washer

November 7, 2021     News

The plastic friction washer for sale is mainly used for the cleaning of highly contaminated materials in small size, such as plastic films and flakes. Please check out videos.

The Wiscon Washer is used to wash heavily contaminated film flakes from a wet granulator or directly washing dirty plastic regrinds. This can also be used in special cases where the friction washer can be installed in front of or after the sink-float tank.

Plastic Friction Washer

Plastic Friction Washer after Wet Granulator

Plastic Wash Line

Plastic Wash Line

The centrifugal effect of the plastic waste washer is based on mechanical friction combined with the use of a large influx of water to ensure a extraordinary cleaning effect.

Features of Plastic Friction Washer

The advantages of Friction Washer include low noise, high efficiency and energy saving. The characteristics of the main rotor blades from the fiction washer are high-strength, good toughness, not easy to break, and etc. Besides, it can maintain high working efficiency for a long time. It is very convenient to disassemble, repair and maintain the machine.

Overload Protective System

In order to prevent accidents and ensure normal operation, friction washer is equipped with overload protection system. It is equipped with electrical overload protection to ensure that excessive input of materials will not damage to the machine.

If the input material is quite large and thick, or the feeding amount is too much, the plastic friction washer machine may be overloaded. Hence, the overload protection device will make a difference to stop the machine promptly. After a period of time, high speed friction washer will reset and restart automatically. Meanwhile, in case of preventing damage to the machine, once the operator observes an emergency, he can press the emergency stop buttons before the overload protection system is activated.

HDPE regrind from wash line

Working Principle of Plastic Friction Washer

The material to be cleaned should be fed from the hopper (A) into the friction washer, and pour into water at the same time. With stirring and friction force of the main rotor blades and the effect of centrifugal force, contamination will be separated from the material easily. Then, it will be thrown out from the screen holes, fall into the bottom of the fuselage, and flow out of the outlet pipe (D) at last. Finally, discharge the cleaned material from the outlet (C).

Friction Washer



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