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Plastic Film Shredder

August 5, 2021     News

Plastic Film Shredder can well handle plastic waste. Plastic films are widely used as retail and commercial packaging, like daily food packing, plastic shopping envelopes. Another application is in agricultural areas: greenhouse and land mulching. Films are collected in bales, for easy transport.

Wiscon tailor-make recycling solutions according to film status and requires metal and sludge contamination, capacity, final output sizes. Here is a typical postindustrial/agricultural film recycling line.

Workflow as follows: Shredder- Separation Tank-Crusher- Friction Washer-Horizontal Dryer-Hot Dryer-Cyclone Collector.

Films are light and soft, and the long ones easily got wrapped shredder blades. Wiscon plastic film shredder adopts F-type blades, which have a smaller gap between blade rotor and fixed blades, with V shape distribution of rotary blades. Shredding efficiency is highly enhanced, film sizes are reduced to 40mm.

plastic film shredder

Shredder for plastic film

Separation Tank is after shredder: loosen dirt and remove other forms of contamination, also labels (usually semi-permanent). A screw conveyor is configured, expelling wastes continuously.

Then film crusher is for secondary size reduction, about 12mm. Wet crushing is optional, rinsing blades as well as materials. A friction washer is another deep cleaning process, to further remove contaminants.

The final process is drying, this is the critical part. Film flakes for pelletizing should be dry, the drier, the better. Or will be extra waste air. Our Horizontal dryer is special for light materials (film, woven bags), the cylinder mechanically rotates to dry. Water content is 5% after this. An extra hot dryer is optional. Film flakes are heated to dry.

After the above flow, we get 12mm flakes perfect for pelletizing, water content less than 2%. In connecting each part, we use belt conveyors for in-feeding shredder and crusher, and wet screw conveyors for others (wash materials in conveying).

Another feature for plastic films: very thin and easily corrupted, especially stored outdoor. We suggest quick recycling after the plastic film is collected, then quick pelletizing after shredding and washing. Wiscon supplies turn-key solutions, film shredding, washing, and pelletizing in a complete line!

Plastic Film Recycling System



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