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News Dewater Machine in Recycling Line

Dewater Machine in Recycling Line

March 15, 2021     News

When recycling plastic waste, the dewatering and subsequent drying processes are among the most important. Wiscon Envirotech designs and supplies a combination of innovative equipment for vertical dewatering,horizontal dewater, squeezer and hot air dryer.

Residual moisture levels in the range of 10%-0.2% by weight can be achieved for thermoplastic pellets in virgin production processes such as polycarbonate, polyethylene, polyamide, polypropylene and polystyrene. On request, our engineers can aim for even lower moisture contents.


Unlike a conventional dewater machine or plastic dewatering for plastics, ours has a stronger performance. Production capacity is from 400kg/hr to 1500kg/hr. The dewater machine is with full auto dewatering, high production, good dewatering effect and easy to install.

The flow of plastic pellets or chips and water enters the lower part of the level dryer and is transported through the process by conveyor paddles. After the first splash water separation step, the flow of pellets or chips is accelerated by the inertia forces, which allows an optimal separation of the adhering residual water. In the final stage, waste leaves the system from the bottom and the stream material goes up.

In short, dewatering and discharging are carried out synchronously.

plastic dewater machine

The features of the plastic dewater machines are as follows:

  • High-quality dewatering and drying performance of liquids and impurities
  • Stainless steel screen and rotor
  • Automatic cleaning of the surface of screens
  • High throughput performance
  • Gentle treatment of materials, low debris
  • Final moisture content < 1 % for rigid plastic
  • Final moisture content < 3 % for plastic film
  • Compact design

Video of recycling film scrap and knitted bags.



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