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Plastic Chipper

January 16, 2022     News

Plastic chipper (Plastic grinder) is used for size reduction of plastic waste and scraps. By grinding the plastic waste at a high rotating speed, rotary and fixed blades generate regrinds. When the regrinds meets a certain size that is determined by the screen opening, they will exit from the screen.

To achieve high throughput for different types of plastic wastes, Wiscon Envirotech develops different types of rotors, blades and screens. To receive and extract materials, Wiscon also designs multiple ways to choose from.

plastic chipper.

Bearings are insulated outside of the grinding chamber so wet grinding with water is available. Heavy duty bearings can easily handle grinding process without contaminated by moisture and dust. This also makes grind PA (fiberglass) possible.

Grinding chamber is protected by replaceable plates that are wear-protection coating against abrasive effects of plastic. Blades are made of special alloy steel D2 (hardness 60 HRC) and can be multiple-used. Screen opening ranges from 10 to 20mm.

chipper cutter

Plastic chippers can be produced with screw or blower output. Easy access to crushing chamber leads to easy maintenance and blade replacement. Security switches at screen cradle and hopper are used for maximum safety during maintenance and cleaning.

The scrap is gravity-fed directly from the processing machine, requiring no conveying or manual handling. Multi-position swivel outlet pipes make an easier connection to the flexible hose of the hopper loader. The regrind collection bins are made of stainless steel. The two model provide a pre-cutting knife on the auger tube pre-empting wrap-arounds and screw jams.

plastic chipper machine

If you are looking for small plastic chipper, please refer to this.

Features of Plastic Chipper

– Hopper opening (mm): 800 x 520
– Crushing chamber (mm): 800 x 520
– Rotor speed (RPM): 520
– Rotor knives – qty (pcs): 3 x 2
– Knife counter – qty (pcs): 3 x 2
– Grate (mm): Ø5
– Power (kW) : 45kW
– Dimension L x W x L (mm) : 2000 x 1900 x 3200
– Weight (kg) : 3850
Size reduced to 5 mm pellets.
– Hydraulic operation of the hopper and the grid cradle, easy maintenance.
– The height of the hopper will be increased and studied for tipping – including the return
– Addition of an insulation layer to reduce noise:

Blade steel is D2 with a hardness of 59-61 HRC

Design of our mills without rotating flange, thus limiting hidden impurities and not being useful due to our own developed design and longevity experience.
The rotor design and V-shaped blade position brings the material to a center cut, thus limiting side wear of the chamber

Noise level – tested at 1m (without hopper/conveyor return):
Idle: 72dB
Under load: 90-93dB

Possible equipment :
– Water cooling of the cutting chamber
– 1 complete set of blades + additional grid

Optional Features of Chipper Machine



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