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News Pipe Shredder at a Glance

Pipe Shredder at a Glance

September 28, 2020     News

Why Do need a pipe shredder (pipe crusher)? With the continuous development of the economy, the sales of plastic pipes are also increasing year by year. In general, a plastic pipe doesn’t rust or corrode, is light in weight, easy to cut and easy to join – no welding required. However, during the pipe extrusion process, a large number of plastic pipes and purgings are discarded.

Plastic pipes and profiles often made of HDPE, PE, PVC, CPVC and PPR. To recycle the waste, Wiscon pipe shredder and plastic crusher with side chute are 2 feasible size reduction solutions.

1. Heavy Duty Pipe Crusher with Side Chute

Pipes with a smaller diameter and thin-walled can be directly broken down into 12mm regrind by a plastic crusher/granulator.

Long pipes are not applicable in this case as the pipes are usually loaded into the crushing chamber horizontally. A pipe too long is not possible to load. Therefore, with the help of manual feeding, only short pipes are plausible in this way. After granulation, regrind is pneumatically collected in the surge hopper.

Pipe Shredderpipe shredding machine

1. Pipe Granulator 2. Blower 3. Bin

Before and After by a Pipe Crusher

pipe shredder   pipe shredding machine

2. Horizontal Pipe Shredder 

Pipe shredding machine especially horizontal pipe shredder makes the whole pipe recycling easy up to 1200 mm. Wiscon designed and provided 14 PVC and HDPE pipe manufacturers in China. All the projects show a successful pipe recycling from a whole thick pipe to 12mm regrind.

The housing of the pipe crusher consists of a stable fabricated and well-welded steel construction. The housing has been provided with outwardly arranged consoles to accommodate the bearings, motors, gears and couplings.

There are 4 rotors inside the machine to tear down the pipe gradually. You can manually shut down some rotors to save power or shredding small pipes.

The feeding system of pipe granulator is equipped with a multi-level hydraulic cylinder, powered and control by an efficient, stable and automatic control system. Feeding speed can be controlled for shredding different materials so that the target of energy saving can be achieved.

The equipment features a compact and reliable design. The most outstanding benefit is saving manpower and allowing pipe manufacturers to crush a whole long piece of pipe at a time.

3. Pipe Shredder Plus Granulator

Integrated with pipe shredder and Wensui granulator, a simple in-house recycling of defected pipe and pipe purgings is easily achieved. With 500kg/hr capacity at least, this system is so popular in pipe manufacturers.

Pipe Shredding Line

Pipe Shredding Machine Video

If you have chunks of pipes sitting in factories and are interested in recycling them, Please contact Wiscon Envirotech for consulting.



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