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Pipe Crusher

December 7, 2022     News

Water supply pipes are common items and so are pipe crushers. Pipelines are buried underground for years, some are antimicrobial for special purpose. Plastic pipes are made of PP, PE, PVC, PPR, and some with fiber glass based on applications.

After decades, plastic pipes require replacement and end-of-life pipes go to landfills.

Wiscontech helps not only pipe and fitting manufacturers get the right recycling solutions, but also recycling companies with bulk recycling.

1. Pipe Crusher Features

If you intend to manual feed in PE and PVC pipes to a pipe granulator, then CS360-P is specially made for you.Pipe granulator Pipe crusher

Pipe Crusher

  • Extended and slanted hopper is designed for easy manual feed.
  • The machine body is made of steel structure with strong rigidity and good impact resistance.
  • The rotor is dynamic balanced at speed high.
  • V cut ensures maximum frequency of shearing.
  • Outcasted spherical roller bearings, allows wet granulation and good heat dissipation.

Here is how it works:

2. Another variation of pipe recycling machine

For common short PVC pipes, a pipe crusher with side chute is good choice. Long pipes are fed into the side hopper directly, which are quick and cost effective solution.

We threw 4 pipes with 2 meters long at same time, it grinds fast and safe. Its front hopper is for small pipe fittings and accessories. This model got positive feedback worldwide. It is easy-installed, and working efficiently.

3. Shredder and Crusher (2-step size reduction)

For extrude workshops, you may not only need a pipe crusher. Extrusion waste should also be grind and re-melt. Here a Wiscon single shaft plastic shredder fulfills both tasks. Pipes and lumps are thrown together to the chamber. Our P-series is multipurpose shredder. Our clients use it at wood, clothes and big drum recycling.

Sometimes shredder hopper is pro-longed, to help quick infeed and avoid machine body may shake. Wiscon always put attention on clients’ requests, and tailor-make recycling solutions.

Pipe Shredder and Granulator

Motor power is around 20-30kw for above pipe crusher and shredder, and its capacity can reach 800kg/h. To handle strong profile and special purpose pipes, those made with PET, PPR and fiber glasses, a heavy duty recycling line is really necessary.

Double-shaft shredder is not recommended for primary shredder because pipes may revolve inside the chamber.

Above line is 2-step pipe recycling solution. A single shaft shredder serves for primary size reduction. We added a protective cover upper the crushing hopper, this prevents pipe flakes splash around, also good for pipes infeed. Second step is a Wensui crusher, particle size reduced to 10-12mm. The crusher is also with a side hopper; clients may throw small pipes directly. Whole line power is around 60kw, with dimension 6m*4m.

See also mega pipe shredding.



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