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News Electronics Recycling and WEEE

Electronics Recycling and WEEE

May 24, 2021     News

Electronics Recycling refers to turning waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) to useful materials. Electronic waste is divided into different categories, depending on their size and use. These devices contain valuable raw materials like iron, aluminum and copper, but also precious metals like gold and silver.

Electronics Recycling

WEEE(Waste of electrical and electronic equipment) can be simply torn down by our shredding technologies. The double shaft shredder is the terminator of e-waste. The shredded particles are high in value to reclaim copper, silver and aluminum.

Small household appliances and IT equipment such as hard disks, cards, computers, CD players and telephone, the devices are reprocessed on different levels of separation and grinding to obtain marketable fragments at the end of the line.

Recycling refrigerators, our customers trust our reliable crushers. Correct recycling is essential especially for older devices still containing CFCs. For shredding refrigerators, our rotary shears appeal to professionals with their compact size, robustness, low speed and low maintenance requirements.

Printed circuits(PCB) and computer boards, depending on their manufacturer, contains significant amounts of precious metals. These precious metals can be recovered by grinding, sorting and chemical treatment. You can benefit from the advantages of our low-speed rotary shears, totally smashing the PCB into particles.

Advantages of Electronics Recycling Machine

– Simple design.
– Easy cleaning & maintenance.
– Intensive industrial use.
– Interchangeable knives on the two shredder shafts.
– Presence of foreign bodies does not damage the machine.
– An alarm system is triggered automatically in the event of a blockage.
– Easy interchangeable screen.

Other tailor-made recycling solutions, adapted to your sector of activity, including shearing, percussion or crushing in order to have optimal efficiency.



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