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News PETG/PLA Shredder

PETG/PLA Shredder

June 15, 2023     News

Wiscontech provides PETG/PLA shredder to recycle the 3D printed waste. The prevalence of 3D printers began to increase significantly in the late 2000s and early 2010s. During this time, there was a surge of interest and adoption of 3D printing technology across various industries and among hobbyists. 3D printing generates more waste in the form of failed prints, support structures, and unused or leftover materials. Proper disposal and management of these wastes can result in concerns and can save your expense, especially if the materials used are not cheap or biodegradable.

3D printing primarily uses plastics like PLA(PETG) , Nylon and ABS with additives such as fiberglass and pigment. Among all materials available, PLA(PETG) filament is the most popular, because it is odourless, easy to form and versatile in applications. 3D printing waste has low warping and good adhesion properties, and sometimes it is as big as 1m by 1m by 1m (but usually hollow inside). In order words, 3d printing waste is typically thin-walled and made layer-by-layer.

How to Recycle 3D Printer Waste?

The process involves graunlation or(and) shredding the waste into small particles, and then extruding the melted material into new filament spools. The whole process is mechanical. Simply toss your waste into Wiscon’s PETG/PLA shredder, the waste is fully destroyed and the machine delivers regrind at the outlet.

3D Printer Waste Recycling

3D Printer Waste Shredder

Video: 3D Printing Waste Shredder

We had a project to recycle non-conforming mannequins made of PP. They are produced by 3d printers in a mass scale, which means the capacity of the shredder required to be higher than 500kg/h. As the mannequins were too big for a granulator, Wiscontech chose a single-shaft shredder P260.

A single shaft shredder is a type of industrial shredder that is designed to downsize your 3D printed prototypes, frames and rejects into smaller pieces. It is characterized by having one slow rotating shaft with blades or knives that shred the materials as they pass through the shredder.

The materials are distinct in shape and size, but thanks to the extended chamber of the plastic shredder, the mannequin is downsized one by one. The resulting particles bring a smile to our clients, because the particles are very uniform at 40mm. Needless to mention, the screen can be replaced to change the output size.

The PETG/PLA shredder runs on a small motor to tackle all plastic waste from 3D printers. Regardless of the production waste size and composition, regardless of home use or industrial use, our single-shaft shredder is a perfect choice to reclaim your printer waste.

See also our guide on how to select an industrial shredder.

3D printing waste recycling

3D printer waste recycling machine

Intro of Wiscon

Wiscon Envirotech Inc. is a subsidiary of the Wensui Group, located in Guangzhou, China.

The main products include various types of crushing and shredding equipment, sorting equipment, cleaning equipment, etc. Additionally, we provide comprehensive system solutions, such as recycling of waste plastics, disposal of waste appliances and automobiles, treatment of waste lithium batteries, pre-treatment of refuse-derived fuels (RDF/SDF/SRF), and industrial solid waste resource utilization.

Our company has a team of skilled engineers and an efficient after-sales service team, capable of providing customers with one-stop environmental solutions. We fulfill customer needs comprehensively, from scheme design, equipment selection, on-site installation, and commissioning to after-sales service. We aim to provide customers with more efficient and reliable environmental equipment and services. Moreover, we actively promote the sustainable development of the environmental field and contribute to achieving a harmonious and sustainable future between humans and nature.



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