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News PET Granulator Crusher

PET Granulator Crusher

May 18, 2021     News

In order to reuse waste PET bottles, they have to be recycled or shredded. With this purpose in mind, Wiscon PET Granulator is the best possible choice. Individual PET bottles are continuously fed into the cutting chamber, by means of a conveyor belt.

Massive, angled rotor knives work with a very close cutting gap against opposing slanted counter knives. Driven by high-power motor with a flywheel, the high-speed rotor cuts the bottles into flakes. The special rotor really does cut diagonally and this keeps energy consumption to a minimum.

PET Crusher Blade

The lower part of the housing is fitted with a large screen, which holds the PET flakes in the cutting chamber until they are discharged through the screen holes. The screen opening can be selected, which determines the output size of the flakes and the throughput rate of the granulator. Throughput rates of up to 5t/h are possible with a flake size of approximately 12 mm.

The flakes are collected by a blower and a cyclone pneumatically. Filtering out the powder, the materials come out from the outlet.

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PET Granulator Video

PET Granulator



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