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News PET Bottle Recycling Plant

PET Bottle Recycling Plant

May 19, 2021     News

The world’s PET resources are being depleted, but demand for PET is increasing year by year. The overexploitation of oil has caused irreparable damage to nature and the earth, we humans are suffering for nature.
The sustainable development of PET resource recovery has been an important issue in the PET recycling industry. Full utilization of PET resources and recovery of 100% of PET resources to achieve 100% of PET resources to achieve sustainable development is the ultimate goal of recycling.


PET Recycling Machine Video

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PET Bottle Recycling Plant Flow Chart

1. Debale machine – Break down the bales and scattered bottles.
2. Trommel – Get rid of dirt and sands.
3. Label remover – Peel off 90% labels.
4. Wet Crusher – Size reduce to 12mm.
5. Hot washer – Dissolve glue with detergent.
6. Centrifugal dryer – Drain detergent and water. Water content < 1%.
7. Air classifier – Remove labels.
8. Density tank – Collect the sinking PET flakes. Reject buoyant PP/PE labels and caps.
9. Friction Washer – Clean.
10 Centrifugal dryer – Drain water. Water content < 1%.
11. Air classifier – Remove remaining labels.
12. Collection.
PET Bottle Recycling Plant

Sink-float Tank for PET flakes

Currently, the main process for carrying out PET bottle (container) recycling is a physical recycling in PET Bottle Recycling Plant. Post-consumer PET bottles are collected in urban areas, recycled into rPET recycled into rPET flakes by washing and shredding, which can be used in rPET flakes to manufacture rPET flakes to make food-grade chips, PET felt and PET fibers. This type of rPET flakes FDA standard that is available for contact with food and beverages directly.
The bottle-to-bottle recycling of PET bottles makes the sustainable development of PET bottle resource recovery a reality.
Here in Wiscon Envirotech, we can tailor to your requirements and make a PET Recycling Machine to be cost-effective and technologically reliable.



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