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News PEEK Shredder & Granulator

PEEK Shredder & Granulator

March 10, 2022     News

PEEK shredder and PEEK granulator is designed to size reduce plastic lumps, rejects and purgings created during plastic production. Wiscon provides a series of products that achieve recycling and reclaimation of plastic scrap.

PEEK(Polyether ether ketone) has multiple engineering applications with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties that are retained to high temperatures. It is extremely hard to crush, and that’s why we re-design and re-inforce our PEEK shredder and PEEK granulator. With Wiscon machines, no matter your size and shape of the PEEK waste, we can take care of it.

PEEK Shredder

P380 Single Shaft Shredder

First of all, the drive power is enhanced to ensure a sufficient shearing force to break down PEEK lumps. The largest of the PEEK granulator capacity is up to 2T/hr. This is well suited for large plastic recyclers and other recycling facilities.

With the unique design of PEEK shredder rotor and chamber, the rotor knives and the counter knives cut materials perfectly so that can not only produce uniform particles, but also reduce the dust emission.

Another major feature is the heavy steel construction and the rotor. The former uses thicker steel plate to fabricate. The PEEK granulator rotor is made from a solid block of hardened steel forged without any welding, as proof of extreme solidity, strength and resistance.

All machine components are interchangeable, such as the rotor blade holders, screen and wear-resistant protection plates on the sides of the cutting chamber, which ensures maximum machine efficiency and duration over time.

In addition, the opening of the infeed hopper and screen cradle are hydraulically actuated by merely one button. This facilitates an easy access to the heart of PEEK shredder and PEEK granulator, for maintenance and servicing.

PEEK Granulator

Hard plastic shredding line


  • Shock-absorbing damper reduces stress on drive components
  • Hardened steel rotor knives
  • Screen opening is customizable from 8-20mm
  • Auto reverse protection in case of overload and jam
  • Reliable & durable construction
  • Large loading aperture


  • Soundproof Enclosure
  • Various rotors for different plastics

  • In-feed and extraction conveyors
  • Water-cooling system


The supplier is responsible for the quality of the conditions and terms: quality standards and technical standards of equipment are observed by supplier requirements.

In the demand side of the product under normal use, the electrical parts warranty period is 6 months, and machine parts warranty period is 1 year. Warranty period of blades, belts and other consumable products listed in the instructions are 3 months.



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