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News PC Shredder & Granulator

PC Shredder & Granulator

July 31, 2022     News

PC shredder and PC granulator are a recycling machine to downsize and reclaim scrap PC (polycarbonate) plastic. Regardless of its forms (e.g. lump, sheet, filament and reject), here at Wiscontech, It can be in forms of lump, sheet and reject created during processes.

Plastic PC (also known as acetal and polyacetal), due to its excellent property of transparency and impact resistance, has numerous applications. For example, this polymer is common in auto components, protective casing, DVD and CD. It is excellent in heat resistance and , and that’s why a wise choice of reliable recycling equipment is essential.

To recycle PC polymers, a plastic shredder is the first step. A low-speed rotor welded with multiple blades can cut down a thermoplastic polymer as illustrated in the video. The horizontal ram maintains a close distance between rotor and PC materials.

Plastic PC shredder

PC shredder

PC Shredder Features

The single-shaft shredder is particulary suitable for the pre-grinding PC materials. The material slides right into a chamber, enclosed by a pusher ram, and gets chopped by the rotor. During the rotation the rotor cuts a quantity of material proportional to the section of the rotating blade.

  • Extra pusher and a vertical pusher
  • Shock-absorbing damper reduces stress on drive components
  • Hardened steel rotor knives
  • Screen opening is customizable from 8-20mm
  • Auto reverse protection in case of overload and jam
  • Reliable & durable construction

PC Granulator Features

The motor and bearing are increased to ensure a sufficient shearing force to break down PC lumps. The largest granulator capacity is up to 3ton/hr. This covers most of the plastic recyclers and other recycling facilities to do in-house recycling. We optimized with full-closed soundproof structure, ensuring a low noise during operation.

With the unique design of rotary and counter blades, the PC grinder cuts materials perfectly so it produces uniform particles around 10-15mm.

ABS Shredder

PC recycling machine

Our PC granulatoris used in the material recycling in recycling plant and injection molding, blowing and extruding production. Not only PC, it can also process PVC, PET, ABS, PP, PE, PC, PMMA, PA and PS.

All machine components are interchangeable, such as the rotor blade holders, screen and wear-resistant protection plates on the sides of the cutting chamber, which ensures maximum machine efficiency and duration over time.

PC Granulator Features

  • Soundproof Enclosure
  • Various rotors for different plastics
  • In-feed and extraction conveyors
  • Water-cooling Chamber and shaft

Recycling System Warranty

Wiscon Envirotech is a professional granulator manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing high quality customized products.

PC Crusher

PC Granulator



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