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News Paper Core Shredder

Paper Core Shredder

August 13, 2022     News

Paper core shredder is a recycling machine that can easily break down long and large cores into small particles. It can reduce the length of paper cores up to 6 meters or 1 meter in diameter. The thickness of reel or core does not matter, because our shredder is strong enough to tear them down.

With this shredder, cardboard cores with large dimensions no longer pose difficulties in disposing of or reusing. And more importantly, in the era of energy crisis, the machine equips with less than 30kW.

Paper Reel Shredder

Paper Reel Shredder

Papar Core Shredder Applications

Our cardboard core shredder is perfect for manufacturing companies in paper and textile industry that produce film reels, paper cores, paper reels, cardboard reels, kraft paper reels, textile cores, newsprint cores, pre-cut cores, and plastic sheeter cores.

It is helping hands for tissue paper and kraft paper manufacturers that use and dispose cores.

Recycling companies can use this core shredder regularly and for other bulky waste also. Anyone who wants to reduce the size and change the shape of paper cores by cutting it into small pieces.

Cardboard Core Shredder Advantages

Paper core shredder is your complete recycling solution, and its working principle is easy. The slanted infeed hopper provides a easy pathway for cardboard cores to slide in. After entering shredding chamber, the 4 rotors down size the cores bit by bit.

We also provide a tailored solution for confidential document shredding up to 10 ton/hr.

Wiscontech engineers have designed a range of solutions throughout years of experience in this industry. We combine innovative thinking and precision engineering of every machine we design to suit any application from small to large plants with high volumes of waste going through their doors.

Paper Core Shredder

Cardboard Core Shredder

Our service aim to provide a high quality, cost effective solution to the market. With our experience in the industry we have built a team that is ready to get up and running on any project you have in mind



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