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Pallet Shredder

February 22, 2021     News

When selecting Pallet Shredder (pallet crusher) for the processing of pallets and pallet scrap, the first consideration should be the intended use of the end product. Examples include animal bedding, boiler fuel, pellets & briquettes, cellulosic ethanol, landscape mulch, playground coverings, and composite wood.

pallet shredderpallet recycling

The following criteria should also be considered for pallet recycling:

– Required throughput
– Required final size
– Size and uniformity of in-feed pallets or scrap
– Method of feeding and collecting from the shredder or crusher

All Wiscon shredding equipment is custom configured to suit the user’s material and production goals.

Pallet Shredding Videos

What are the highlights of pallet shredder?

Pallets can be processed by one shaft shredder or two shaft shredder. Both have their benefits and cons.

1. The knife seat and blades on the rotor are removable for easy cleaning, maintenance and servicing.

2. Each moving knife has 4 cutting edges, which can be rotated 90° for further use after wear.

3. The main shaft is driven by a gear reducer box, with smooth running, low noise and high torque.

4. The PLC program control system is adopted, which can automatically forward and reverse, making the machine run stably.

5. The box is welded and tempered after welding, eliminating the welding stress.

6. The movable knife mounting position is machined by a machining center to ensure the same clearance of each movable knife and fixed knife.

7. The movable knife seat is attached to the knife shaft with high-strength screws in an embedded way, which can prevent the welded type from dropping the knife after long-term vibration.

8. Easy transportation after shredding, which can reduce transportation costs, increase transportation efficiency and facilitate secondary processing.

What can a Pallet Shredder process?

Other than pallet recycling, a pallet crusher can process:

Industrial waste/household waste – household waste, waste wood, kitchen waste, food waste, industrial waste, factory waste, municipal sludge, glass fiber, slurry tarpaulin.

Biomass – tree branches, leaves, straw, corn cobs, wheat stalks, bark, banana trees, straw, garden waste.

Recycled waste – pallet recycling, waste tires, waste paper, waste plastics, plastic bottles, chemical drums, aluminum materials.

Product document destruction – computer hard disk, document data, unqualified products, expired drugs, plastic parts.

Waste disposal – medical waste, radioactive materials, organic waste, hazardous solid waste.

Metal solid waste – paint drums, paint cans, iron oil drums, metal scrap, aluminum scrap.

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